Why Is This Place So Toxic In Bollywood?

Bollywood is a fairy land where you flock to the theatres to watch your movies and stars on a large canvas or theatre. The larger than life theatres make you go into a fictional and imaginative world where you see the hero banging the villains and the heroines in their most glamorous avatar romancing the hero and dancing on melodious tune just to steal the heart of the hero. Madhuri, Sridevi, Rekha are very ordinary looking girls who turn into fairies after applying make up .This corrupts the mind of the young girls who aspire to look like them. Money is spend on purchasing cosmetics like the lipstick, kajal and mascaras. Seen the latest Kareena kapoor Lakme absolute? You will know where we are heading to?
 Shah Rukh Khan is endorsing skin fairness cream? Is he not endorsing racism? And these leading actresses like  Deepika ,Sonakshi ,Dia Mirza all endorse the fairness cream which is not fair as Indian’s are people with wheatish complexion and to promote such ads would be unfair and biased towards them .As we all are aware that the professional life of the actors is very short lived therefore once the retire they start endorsing the products to keep their incomes flowing and filling up their bank accounts .Look what happened when Madhuri dixit and Amitabh Bachanch endorsed the Maggie ad? It crated quite a controversy and banned Maggie Overnight.
To idealise the hero who have a controversial and scandalous personnel life and are responsible of vicious acts are hero worshipped which is unfair. Bad habits like smoking, chewing of Pan and tobacco which should be banned are advertised on the national television. Even chewing of supari is a bad practice we see Ajay Devgan promoting Vimal pan masala and Shah Rukh khan also promoting a branded pan masala.
The movies made today have a lot of vulgarity in them in suggestive dialogues like Ek Peheli Leela, intimate scenes and ladies using foul language and lewd comments make bollywood an ugly place to live and survive .The filmmakers should take care of the subject they undertake to make a commercially successful movie. There are many instances where the tragic love stories like Ek Duje Ke Liye in which couples whose parents were against their marriage led to much suicide all over the country. The kind of violence, terror and kind of distress and humiliation against the women of our present day society instils fear and hatred against the opposite sex. The taboo topics which were banned from the society are now made into movies like fire and vickey doner were considered hits regardless of the fact it was based on controversial issues.

“Bollywood has been the ultimate dream for the upcoming actor and actresses there are many young girl and boys who leave their towns and city just to reach Mumbai. They beg, borrow and steal money, their savings and al that they possibly have hometown just to get a break into bollywood. While there are a few go get success like Dharmendra, Amitabh and Shah Rukh while there are others who lead an isolated and abandoned life. Some survive doing odd jobs there are a few who have to compromise on their dignity to sustain themselves. Bolly wood surely a toxic place. Need we say more”
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Kuldeep Sinha

कुलदीप सिन्हा एक हिंदी ब्लॉगर हैं ये अपनी नॉलेज सभी के साथ शेयर करतें हैं और फुंकूल इंडिया पर भी ये इनफार्मेशन डालतें हैं। इनका मोटिव लोगो को नयी नयी जानकारी से अवगत करना हैं ताकि लोगों की जानकारी बड़े और लोग जागरूक बने।