Why Indian Culture is Better Than Others | Indian culture | Indian Art and Culture

Why Indian Culture is Better Than Others | Indian culture | Indian Art and Culture:
Indian Culture is one of the most ancient cultures in the advent of humankind. India is a country which is known for its rich cultural heritage and together with a combination of traditions, customs, religion, lifestyle and also includes rituals, cuisine etc which depends upon area. In spite of diverse religion and rituals still, there is one thing common which is unity in diversity. People who are of different religions live together happily at one place and together make India a great place to live. God is seen in every guest who approaches the house and they are welcomed with open arms and folded hands. In India, people worship different rivers, animals, stones, kids, trees etc and find God everywhere and in every human being. 
indian culture and heritage
Indian culture is now divided into two parts, modern ones and traditional ones. People give more importance to the society and its needs in the traditional form of culture. While in the modern culture people are getting self-centred and are having nuclear families, also love marriages are getting common. Earlier people use to do arrange marriages where the brides and grooms were chosen by the parents and the spouse was chosen after a lot of scrutinies.  India is known as the land of festivals. So many festivals are celebrated like Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, Christmas, Navratri etc which add colours to the life of the people. The festivals are celebrated with great style and fervour and people seem to be happy and joyful during the time of festivals.
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Every region has its distinctive style of clothing. The Indian women prefer salwar kameez with dupatta or saree which is inherited in our culture the men wear kurta pyjama or dhoti kurta which is their traditional outfit. Nobody likes people wearing revealing and tight fitted dresses. Hindi is the most common language which binds people together in one thread. The Indian culture is known for giving respect to the elders. People treat elders as a very knowledgeable person and give due respect to them. Also, women are considered as pious and treated with lots of respect. According to Vivekanand women should be considered as a mother or sister and provided great respect then only the country and its people will be on right path.

Indian culture and tradition:

India has produced many spiritual leaders like Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Vivekananda, Raja Ram Mohan Roy and many others who from time to time has told us how to be on the right path by discarding the evil in us. Similarly, there are great social reformers like Vinoba Bhave and Dayanand Saraswati who told us to follow the right path. Even Mahatma Gandhi led a truthful life and told us to be dedicated to our motherland. Indian culture never got totally influenced by western culture and did not try to emulate the culture of the western world. There were times when Indian culture was influenced by western culture during the hippie movement but it was only for a shorter period of time and by few people only who tried to emulate their culture.

Indian culture vs western culture:-

We should know the difference between Indian and western culture to know which culture is the best. So before going any further, we should do the scrutiny of the western culture. One of the most advanced and modern cultures in the western culture. Pillars of western culture are individualism, capitalism, ethical values, freedom etc. Western culture can be seen in America, Spain, Germany, Etc. People belonging to Judaism and Christianity belong to the western culture. In western culture needs, desires and happiness are given more preference. People get hardly concerned about what other people think about them. They are busy in doing their own work in simple words they mind their own business and do not get involved in talking about others. In western cultures consented marriages and love marriages are the most common form of marriages. The problem is that there love does not last long and they are always in search of new partners because they are not satisfied with single partners. They do not share a strong bond with their families and always their relationship gets over within a short duration of time.  Boys and girls leave their home to earn while they are learning and try to become self-dependent. The children try to become just like their parents and have less value for elders. They are thrown into the old age home after getting old and the Govt takes care of them through social security schemes. The good thing about the western society is that the govt takes all the responsibilities of the old people.
indian culture vs western culture
The good thing about western culture is that people are free to choose their own religion and practice it. There is no limit to doing anything and people are generally spending a lot which is not good. People do not believe in saving but rather than believe in spending. The cultural values are deteriorating and there is no respect even for God as the people are getting very self-centred and has less time to attend prayer meetings. Value of life is not there and even the children are taking guns to schools resulting in shootouts at school. 

People are getting less tolerant and there is a fight on trivial issues. People have less respect for poor’s and they are treated badly. There is a lot of racial conflicts and people are at loggerheads with each other. Also, the human bonding is less prevalent and respect for women has merely become a show off as one can see lots of rapes and other women-centric crimes getting higher. Seeing this we can say that our Indian culture is far better than any western culture and one should follow the Indian culture so that one should attain peace and prosperity. Also, in Indian culture people believe in savings instead of spending so that its easy for them to survive during the time of crisis when there is less money for them. So we can say that east or west India is the best.

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