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There was a time when movies were the only means of entertainment for the general public as well the corporate class. The ladies used to be dressed in expensive and formal attire whereas the males were dresses in their formal suits or tuxedos .It was a moment of pride to go to the theatre to watch a movie .But with time and introduction of new gadgets the world of entertainment has somewhat lost its value and quality .Also with so many years down the lane the writers are drained. The Ideas and the scripts are repetitive and often copied from holly wood movies.
Earlier movies the hero of the movie was a super human who use to take care of the family, romance with beautiful leading ladies and not to mention the flashy car racing and the fiscal fights with the villains who often resort to cheap tactics of kidnapping the hero’s mother or the younger brother and the hero was pressurised to thing that were either unlawful or improper. The hero was no less than a super hero. He would fight all odds and finally manage to free his family. The end was a happy ending most of the time.
The script were mostly based on novels written by the famous writers and that is the reason the script had dept and not to forget the min blowing performance of the beautiful and talented artist ,with simple to extraordinary clothes and the melodious music made it a treat to watch with the entire family.
They were movies that were larger than life but  now we have movies like Chennai express where the hero is no less that a spectator to the fights and with a lack in the melody the songs are based on cultural dress code like “Lungi Dance” and we see the hero  as well as the heroine swaying way the lungi to the beat of the dance .Looks like the director seem to take the lesson of child hood games where everything was thrown up in the air .The  cars are never seen on the road they all are seen upside down in the background .One wonders what has gone into the head of the director ?Then comes a totally obnoxious moves called Entertainment .There is absolutely no justice done to the name of the movie ,there not a single entertaining scene in the movie and most of the humour is forced upon you .
Then there comes the issue of piracy .The entire movie is made on an old super hit movie in which not even the title is spared from copy. Take for example the movie Himmatwalabase on the jeetendra and sridevi classic with the song which had earthen pots lined in a row and bright and bold traditional attire and white clothed jumping jack of the Indian film industry. The directors make a mockery of themselves and also of the audiences .Then there is a craze for six to eight abs along with a zero figure. These things are a bad influence on our young crowd who play with their health, go on diets and become anorexic and play havoc with their health. And see for the kind of vulgar movies that are being released the taboo topics are now discussed openly in the movies which even the kids watch
what a waste of life?
The traditional saris and suits the famous sadhna cut or the jaipuri jutis are now replaced with the shortest hairstyle and the skimpiest of clothes with the back and midriff clearly visible .It sometimes becomes very uncomfortable to watch such movies with the family .The producers are only concerned with spending endless amount of money and in order to recover the money resort to these cheap tactics.

But it is not as if good movies are not being made take a look at Three idiot and Madras cafe .They  are inspirational and good subject oriented movies but they often bomb at the box office where as the over budget movies succeed and earn a good amount money. This can be gauged by the difference in the box office collection? Who is to be blamed is it the general audience who has no other choice or the director who has no good script to offer.

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Kuldeep Sinha

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