Tiny but mighty in shape, this ingredient is the most potent element for your health, hair. Skin and almost every possible part of your body.  Today in this blog post, I will be discussing this ingredient which I am sure 100% sure you guys will be able to guess it. Yes, you are right, FLAXSEED. The benefits of this compelling product are as mighty as its name. We have engrossed ourselves so much in this monotonous and hectic lifestyle that we hardly have time for pampering oneself. We spend lavish amounts of money on buying skin care, and healthcare products but the results revealed are far from satisfaction. Busy purchasing such products, we forget that there are amazing products available in our homes which were used by our ancestors.
Flaxseeds are one such product that reveals extraordinary benefits for all the busy bees in the entire world.
This highly practical and supernatural remedy can give you promising and satisfactory results.


Flax seeds are tiny drop shaped seeds that are brown and have a diverse and a nutty flavour. These seeds are obtained from the flax plant, the fibre of which is used to produce 100% pure linen fabrics. The nutritional benefits of this seed are due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acid and dietary contents that enable to prevent the human body from various health-related issues such as inflammation, heart problems, cholesterol and many more.
The flax seed oil obtained from crushing these seeds is a multi-purpose source for protection from various extreme health issues such as cancer, restricts the side effects caused due to heavy antibiotics, digestion issues.
 Some experts believe that flaxseed is the most powerful element available on the planet. It can cure a person of diseases whose treatments are still not available in many parts of the world!
Nowadays, apart from this severe health issues, the primary focus of today’s generation is to improve their outer appearance, majorly hair and weight loss and here also flax seeds have an edge above all!
Flax seeds reveal the maximum benefits for hair growth, unlike any other homemade ingredient.


 Flaxseed oil works as a natural ingredient product for thick, shiny and healthy hair.

  • Hair elasticity– flaxseeds consists of omega-3 fatty acids which increase the flexibility of hair fibres that provide natural nourishment to your hair.


  • Anti-dandruff– the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, boost anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing dandruff, hair fall and itchy scalp. It is a permanent remedy for hair fall and dandruff treatment.


  • Premature greying– benefits of flaxseeds for hair includes scalp and hair protecting from premature greying and split ends


  • Nourishes hair growth– the presence of lignin element in this seed, helps in building up the strong immune system and hence develops strong metabolism which helps in proper digestion, thus prevention of various diseases.


  • With all the presence of vital minerals and vitamins, it is time to study the application of flax seed on your hair. The best part about this is either applied externally on your scalp or consumed internally; the benefits will be the same!


  • Flaxseeds for External use:- the first option is to make a hair gel by boiling the flaxseeds with 2 cups of water. Boil it with water for 10-15 minutes and strain it to remove the residues. Leave it aside for some time till it becomes a thick gel-like paste. Apply this gel o your hair thrice a week, and you can start observing the results within a month! Secondly, this gel can be mixed with honey and Aloe Vera gel which will be a comparatively dilute form.


  • Flaxseeds For Internal use- internal use of flaxseed is extremely simple because of its crunchy nutty taste. You can feed yourself with spoon seeds or it can be mixed easily with any vegetables or stirred with any healthy drink.

The dietary content of flaxseed improves the metabolism and control excessive fats and carbohydrates gained from junk food. Even the green vegetables do not provide with the benefits as that offered by flax seeds.

The weight loss benefits of flaxseeds are far more than all your gym diets and dieting and gym exercises.


  • Omega-3 acid– they are the best source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which is supposed to control the appetite and provides complete satisfaction with your healthy food.


  • Dietary fibre– flaxseeds are rich in texture and as studied during our school time, fibrous foods are always and always best for our body. They ensure healthy lifestyle by improving the metabolism and immune system of the body.


  • On the ruthless planning of losing weight, youngsters end up skipping meals due to lack of balanced diet knowledge. One spoon intake of flaxseeds is the solution for this problem.


  • Lack of food intake on a regular basis leads to depression, insomnia which are another severe issues. Flaxseed, being the rich source of vitamins and minerals, ensures that your body receives optimum amounts of essential elements according to your age group.

But as mentioned many times before, an excess of everything is terrible and we cannot expect that a days’ consumption of flaxseeds will give desired results. Good things come with time. Hence an average adult must not take more than 2-3 tablespoon of flaxseeds in every form, be it regarding oil or in ground form or mixed with any food. One possible effect of flaxseed consumption are the gastrointestinal effects which can be majorly disturbing in your daily activities.

Kuldeep Sinha

कुलदीप सिन्हा एक हिंदी ब्लॉगर हैं ये अपनी नॉलेज सभी के साथ शेयर करतें हैं और फुंकूल इंडिया पर भी ये इनफार्मेशन डालतें हैं। इनका मोटिव लोगो को नयी नयी जानकारी से अवगत करना हैं ताकि लोगों की जानकारी बड़े और लोग जागरूक बने।