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Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac and is a well-known fact that releases feel-good hormones.
When you feel depressed to have a piece it will instantly uplift your mood and tastes awesome too.
Earlier consumption of chocolate was restricted to western countries but it now it is popular everywhere.
Want to make up with your girlfriend, with your lover or even your wife if she is really upset with you.
With chocolate you can never go the wrong size doesn’t matter buy a chocolate bar, snack bar and makeup with her.
Here is a list of a few popular chocolate cake recipes, homemade chocolate cookies, and chocolate dessert recopies.

Popular Cake recipes


Chocolate cake recipe

Who can forget this easy cake or chocolate cake recipe that every mother makes whether she know baking or not?
The easy cake recipe involves eggs, flour, butter mixed together using the cut and fold method to prepare a smooth batter and baked for about 45 minutes.
top 5 chocolate cake recipes
Top it with your favorite topping but you should try making this amazing recipe at home to actually experience its taste.
If you wish you can add boiling water and oil to the cake batter to transform it into a moist chocolate cake.
Though the baking time is equal and even after using the same ingredients they both taste different and equally good.

Uncommon But Popular Cake Recipes


Cheese Cake

Cheese has always been popular with kids and adults both and can be prepared with many flavors.
The beauty of this cake is that it can be prepared by baking or without baking, you only need to refrigerate it.
popular cheese cake
The cheesecake is prepared with a layer where the topmost layer consists of cheese, eggs, and sugar.
The bottom layer may be layered with biscuits, pastry or sponge cake it depends on personal choice

Banana Cake

A very healthy version of the popular cake is the very easy to make a banana cake which is easy to digest and prepare.
banana cake
As the name suggests the prime ingredient of this cake is ripe bananas, sugar, flour, eggs, and butter.
The banana cake can be prepared in layers, as muffins and also as cupcakes with a topping of your choice.

Birthday Cake

The birthday cake as to be special with a unique and different shape and is prepared for the celebration.
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Choose a chocolate cake recipe, white chocolate cake or the very popular pineapple cake or Black Forest cake.
Birthday Cake
Though normally the birthday cake is appreciated when it is purchased from the bakery shop home cake is also equally rewarding and it also has a personal touch to it.

Chocolate not restricted to cake alone

The royal taste is not restricted to cakes alone various kinds of cupcakes, desserts and shakes also popular all over the world.
The chocolate chip cookie is another popular sweet biscuit popular with the kids and also elders.                                                                                                                                                                   
best cake recipes
Try developing new recipes like stuff two chocolate chip cookies with vanilla cream to make it tastier.
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A glazed yeast-raised ring doughnut topped with creamy chocolate layer an all favorite always.
Chocolate added to hot and cold milk not only makes the shake healthy but also gives it an exotic taste drink it to enjoy it.

Homemade chocolate a time-tested recipe that never fails

Here’s a secret I want to share with you ready made chocolate bars do taste good but have you tried making chocolate the desi style. Let me show you how it is made
The secret ingredients for the homemade chocolate are cocoa and milk powder mixed in 1:3 ratio added to sugar syrup that has been cooked over a high flame for a few minutes.
hot chocolate recipes
Add unsalted butter stir well and finally put off the flame and add the dry ingredients.
And your healthy, tastier and easy to make chocolate is ready to eat enjoy it with your friends and relatives.
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