Top 5 Break Fast Recipes which are Good For Health

Breakfast! Yes, friends breakfast! Today, we will discuss the top 5 breakfast recipes, which are good for health and why breakfast is substantial in our lives.
Friends, we eat dinner at night and then go to sleep, we get up after 8 to 9 hours, and we do not eat or drink while we are sleeping, our body absorbs energy the whole night. That’s why we should take a heavy breakfast in the morning for more energy.
So, friends, we will discuss Top 5 easy breakfast recipesy breakfast recipes:-

1 – Boiled Eggs With 1 Glass of Full Cream Milk –

Eggs are full of energy, proteins, and milk is also a good source of calcium, fat, energy, natural sugar, etc. The reason why Boiled egg with a glass of milk is my first choice for breakfast recipe because it is easy to boil eggs and accompanied with milk which is full of power. Eggs give a shine on your face and milk gives you healthy and bones which are very important for you. If you eat a single egg with a glass of milk daily, then after some time, you will feel energetic and powerful. So friends, try this one of the easiest recipes at your home.

2 – Paneer Stuffed Papad Roll Breakfast Recipe: –

This recipe is unique for everyone. This recipe gives a crispy and crunchy taste. Stuff the paneer filling inside the papad and make a roll, then fry in oil. When you will serve paneer stuffed papad rolls with tomato ketchup, you will love it. I have no words to describe the feeling after having this fantastically stuffed papad roll. Friends, try this recipe once at your home. Tutorial for this recipe is given below, please try this recipe and let us know how you felt. Plus, don’t forget to subscribe the YouTube channel to find some more very tasty and interesting recipes.


3 – Noodles Sandwich Pockets Breakfast Recipe:-

Ummm Noodles, I know what is in your mind when you listen to the word noodle, the first thing is Maggie. Yes! It is Maggie Pockets, but it has a beautiful look with more taste and loads of energy. Friends this recipe is made by Mrs Deepti Mishra. This recipe is made by bread, some veggies, noodles full of cheese. So, friends check out this recipe tutorial and learn step by step. It will be a tasty and healthy tiffin recipe for your kids, and husbands too.

4 – Leftover Dal Paratha Breakfast Recipe:-

Friends this recipe is very easy to make for breakfast as it is made from the previous night’s leftover dal. Just knead the dough using the dal and have the nutritious value combined in a single paratha. To stop the wastage of your leftover dal, making paratha would be a better option, to learn this recipe step by step, go check out on the YouTube channel Deepti Mishra’s kitchen.

5 – Aloo Paratha With Raita Breakfast Recipe:-

Ohh, Friends! I know your mouth is full of water, and you can see why am I saying Aloo paratha with raita recipe as this recipe is loved by all. This recipe is very easy to prepare. Friends check out this video for reference which provides the right information, how to make aloo paratha with raita.

Courtesy – {Nisha Madhulika}
Friends These are the best recipes for breakfast and try them at home.
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