Top 5 Best Comedy Movies of Bollywood | 2017

When life becomes monotonous or if you experience heartbreak the best thing to get out of the gloomy mood is to watch a fine comedy movie that will not only lift your mood but also keep you occupied and will make you forget about the incident completely. Bollywood has produced some really classic movies that are considered as classics and can be watched again and again and yet will never get bored of them. Let me share 5 great comedy classics which I must have seen a hundred times.


This is a classic romantic comedy of a simple bachelor who falls in love with his neighbourhood girl who is extremely stylish, arrogant and very beautiful.
He tries everything to impress the girl but loses her that she loves her dance master.
He then takes the help of his friends from a local theatre group who help him to woo the girl.
The best part of the movie is a song in the name of ek chatur naar which was supposed to be a competition between the two groups.
The characters were very real and the beauty of Saira Banu is beyond words and description.
A very simple yet very interesting performance by all the actors of the movie.
The character of Mehmood was the high light of the movie where he was dressed as a dance master in a south Indian outfit and accent.
This is a must watch movie I strongly recommend to all.
This is yet another classic movie by ace director Basu Bhattacharya.
The cast includes Dharmendra, Sharmila, Amitabh and Jaya Bahaduri with the evergreen supporting actor Om Prakash who supported the jokes played on him.
The story is about Sharmila Tagore who is I awe of her brother –in-law and her husband parimal tripathi ( dharendra) develops an inferior complex.
He tries to fool him by disguising as a driver who has great command on hindi language and talks in pure hindi which frustrates everyone and in the course of the act also involves his younger brother where they exchange places .
This creates a lot of confusion in the everybody’s life and eventually sulekhas brother-in-law is fooled and he himself admits that in front of everyone .This is a must watch movie.
Based on famous play of Shakespeare’s play “Comedy of errors” this is a Hindi remake and classic directed and written the genius Gulzar sahab himself.
The film is based on two twins separated at birth where one is the lord and the other is the master.
The movie has some hilarious moments where the both the twins who are servants change places. The other character is of Sanjeev Kumar where one is a jeweler and the other is a small time detective and who is always suspicious whether it a stranger or even with the mannerisms of his servant Devan Verma.
To add to the confusion Moushmi Chatterjee, Deepti Naval and Aruna Irani provide full justice and support to the twin characters. Angoor is a must watch cult classic comedy film of Bollywood, awesome acting by the actor make it a cult classic.


One of the best Bollywood movies is that it is made by Raj Kumar Santoshi with one of the finest actors we have today Amir Khan and Salman Khan.
The Movie is all about comic timing between the two actors also the heroines of the movie that and Karishma who are equally good has some of the best hilarious moments that keep you in spits till the end.
The plot revolves around these two-day dreamers who plan to marry rich girls in a short cut to getting rich. They develop a plot where Aamir becomes a victim of memory loss after getting hit by raveena .
Raveena switches her identity because she wanted to find a boy who will love her, not her money. To add to the confusion Karishma’s father has a twin brother The climax takes place in Gogo’s lair, where the boys try to control the situation along with Ram. In a comic dead end, the real motive of each villain is revealed


Jane Bhi Do Yaroon is probably the best comedy movie made on political corruption.
The story involves around the two professional photographers who after much effort a job is finally offered to the editor of Khabardar and to work with the editor to expose the scandalous lives of the fraud builders and the backing they get from the politicians.
While working on the project they enter a contest where they accidentally click a picture in which the commissioner is being shot dead by another corrupt builder.
Then suddenly the corpse of the commissioner disappears resulting in a series of comic mix-ups including one with some burka-clad women.
The highlight of the movie is the climax scene of Mahabharata particularly the Draupadi cheer Haran episode which result is utter chaos.
To make things even more hilarious, a new act – that of the ill-fated romance of Salim and Anarkali – is introduced, with the corpse playing Anarkali.
Though the stars were not highly paid yet the performances were brilliant and breathtaking. There is yet a film which could match the fineness of this movie.

Kuldeep Sinha

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