Top 10 Tips for Upgrading Kitchen | How you Decor Your Kitchen

The kitchen is not just a place to cook but to create as well, to create memories. You too might have childhood memories of your mum cooking the meals and aroma of spices sizzling from a simmering pot. Of course, food is what defines a kitchen the most, still and all, no one likes to stand or cook in a kitchen with shabby appearance. Therefore, it is as important to pay attention to the look and feel of the kitchen as it is for home décor.
With this, the following are some kitchen improvement tips that will guide you in giving your kitchenette the much-needed up-gradation.

  1. Cabinets for Functionality & Beauty

Usually, most of your cookware lies in open accumulating the everyday dirt and grime, right? So, it’s high time that you give up this age-old kitchen design and opt for a good storage option. Like cabinets. In addition to saving a lot of space, cabinets are excellent option to accentuate the design of a kitchen.
Plus, cabinets keep the pots, sauce pans and dishes free of dust that is inevitable nowadays. To make the cabinets look even more attractive, you can complement them with multi-coloured kitchen cabinet knobs.

  1. Highlighting Backsplash

A backsplash is the focal point of any kitchen. This is where the home cook usually spends most time of her day. For the same reason, it is crucial that this area gives off a neat and elegant appeal.
To impart a distinctive yet sophisticated look to it, you can go for tiles that are different from the rest of your kitchen. Ideally, tiles with drawings of fruits, vegetables, cookware or plants appear good in this area. In addition to this, you can also give a different coat of paint to highlight the backsplash.

  1. Rustic Charm with Cookware

Although nowadays plastic cookware is in fashion, try something unique that gives your kitchen a contemporary look without compromising on old days feel. Give your kitchenette the freshness and traditional appeal of rural Indian villages with vintage cookware.
Apart from this, you can try deviating from the modern day norm of purchasing glass and ceramic crockery. Instead, go for brass, copper or bronze utensils including bowls, dishes and glasses. You’d find yourself transported to the ancient era the moment you step into your newly renovated vintage Indian kitchen.

  1. On-the-beat Lighting

Too dull or too bright lighting can take away the joy of cooking as well as blur the charm of the kitchen. Therefore, the lighting of a kitchen should be planned in such a way that it exudes a subtle charm while blending in with the rest of the home décor. Another element to consider during lighting is space. The lighting fixture used should give off the illusion of more spaciousness in the place.
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To start off, pendant lights are perfect. Suspended from the ceiling by chain or string, these lights also come in multiples. Dangle them over your countertops, the backsplash area, and the entire aura of your kitchen would be dominated by a calm and balmy appeal.

  1. Handles and Pulls

Especially if your kitchen door separates the dining area and kitchen, the door needs significant attention when it comes to up-gradation of the kitchen. Give a fresh splash of colour to your door, and beautify it with a lovely door handle.
Nowadays, there are plenty of online marketplaces that offer handmade kitchen door handles online and offline. Pick out your favourite designs, the best matching colours and there you are.

  1. Choice of Colours

Dark shades like red, black or brown make a space appear small even if it is large. Similarly, lighter shades like sky blue, white, yellow and peach give an illusion of space even if the area is relatively packed.
So, when it comes to the kitchen, it’s always a good idea to go for light hues such as pastel or light peach as they illuminate the kitchen space, and are also soothing to the eyes.

  1. Countertop Material

While chopping vegetables, churning batters, rolling chapattis and garnishing dishes, the countertop is perhaps the most used area of a kitchen. For the same reason, it becomes hard keeping up with your cooking work, the look of countertop and its cleanliness at the same time.
Therefore, instead of granite, you can go for other materials like quartz. Quartz promises excellent and easier cleaning than a granite slab. Simply rub a cloth to a spick-n-span countertop. Plus it is glossier too.

  1. Modular Kitchen

Ideally, what a kitchen demands the most is tidiness, however, this isn’t all that it needs. Another important factor in any kitchen is its functionality and convenience. Imagine your guests strolling in your kitchen are not able to locate the salt spray or a spice box.
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Modular kitchen helps you to store and locate things in an organised way keeping your convenience in the way. Plus it bridges the kitchen and your dining area, thereby keeping you connected to your family members or guests while you’re working in the kitchen.

  1. Embrace Induction

Induction, with its little use of space and heat, has attained considerable popularity these days. This kind of cookware allows faster cooking while eating up too much space in the kitchen. Additionally, there’s no fear of getting burns due to its insulated manufacturing material.

  1. Sink Size

Wider sized sinks possessing durable materials are most effective in cleaning larger utensils like sauce pans, cookie mould sheets etc.
So, you see how with some simple alterations can get you a stunning facelift of your kitchen. Understand the language of your kitchen, just a few minor visualisations and see how your newly modelled kitchen goes alive!

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