Top 10 Brain Teasers Games for Adults –

Brain games are significant for kids, as well as for adults. Us adults also need a mind sharper and concentrating. Which is possible by playing brain games, mind teaser games, brain twister etc. There are several brain busters for an adult to play; they are as follows:

Chess – A perfect brain buster game:

Chess is a two-player board game, in which each player gets sixteen pieces of 6 types. In this game, each type of piece moves differently.  This game is played on a black & white checkboard of 8*8 squares. There are two pairs of pieces to be played with. One is white, the player having the white pieces starts the first move of the game and then is black the other pair of pieces.
chess brain teasers game
The goal of this game is to checkmate (threaten with unescapable capture) the opponent’s king. This game can be played by any age group but it is mostly played by the age group of 15-75 years and so on. This game needs a lot of concentration and time, and it is a mind teaser game.

Soduko – Brainteaser game:-

Soduko is a brain game, it is available on internet, newspapers and there are books also to play this game. Sudoku needs a lot of time and concentration. Each puzzle consists of a 9*9 grid containing some clues or hints in different places.
sudoku brain teasers game
The aim is to fill the empty squares in a way that numbers from 1 to 9 do not repeat in any column, row, diagonal and a 3*3 box.

Tic Tac Toe – A funny and Timepass game:-

Tic tac toe is a very comfortable yet a brain twister. The object of tic tac toe is to get three in a row. People play on 3*3 game board. The first player is known as “X” and the second one is known as the “0”.
Tic Tac Toe brain teasers
Players alternately place X’s & 0’s, and they play this game until they get a three in a row, column and a diagonal or the grid is filled with no one winning the game.

Cards – best brain teasers for adults:-

A brilliant mind teaser game. There 52 cards in a single deck. With a single pair of a deck, many games can be played one by one. This game can be played by many players at once. For example, rummy can be played by 3-4 players at once or bluff etc.
Cards - best brain teasers for adults

Rubik’s Cube:-

Rubik’s cube is also called the magic cube. It is a 3-dimensional combination puzzle. In a Rubik’s cube, the player turns and twists the colours to form all the colours on a single side.
Rubik’s Cube
For example, all the greens, on the one hand, all the blues on the one hand etc. It is a fantastic brain twister for all age groups; it is played by a child of 3 years to a man of 85 years, it is engaging and interesting.

Crossword – Ideal brainteaser game for all:-

Crossword is a word puzzle that takes the shape of a square or rectangular grid of black and white shaded squares. In crossword, the aim is to fill the white squares with answers that are either phrases or words. To find out these answers. Clues are given under each subtopic of vertical or horizontal clues.
Crossword - Ideal brainteaser game for all
These games are available in newspapers, books, online also and many more places. This brain teaser is a brainbuster; it forces your mind to think of the answer so that the grid is solved.

Ludo :-

A game to be played within 2-4 people by choosing different colours, out of the four given. The colours in this game are red, blue, green and yellow and it is played on board. Ludo is a brain game for all the age groups.
In this game, to enter the token into play from its house to its starting square, a player should get a six on his/her die. This game is very interesting and a brain buster.

Clash of Clans :-

It is not a game that can be played on boards. This game is available online only, the main aim of the game is to plan and make a strategy to win in attacks. I’ve seen many people playing this game especially from the age group of 15-50 and above. This game is very interesting.
Clash of Clans

Monopoly :-

Monopoly is a board game to be played by 2 to 8 players at a time. There are only 8 monopolies in a game so there is chance of players not getting a monopoly in a game of 8 players.
It is a board game and this game is based on buying, trading or selling properties. A brainbuster game in which we need to use strategy.

Connect Four :-

Connect four is a two-player game in which each player chooses one colour out of 2 colours given (red or yellow). It is a grid of 7 columns and 6 rows.
Connect Four
The aim of the game is to be the first to form a vertical, diagonal or a horizontal of their own discs by dropping them. It is a brain twister game, in this game the player has to think in all the ways possible to go bingo!
Author – Bhanu Seth

Kuldeep Sinha

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