Third time lucky karan weds Bipasha

It’s wedding time once again in tinsel town. This time it is the Bengali bombshell and the handsome hunk of the small screen. The two met on the set of the movie “Alone “in which Bipasha played the main lead and Karan was the supporting actor. The two are popular actors in their respective fields it was reportedly on the set of this movie the sparks flew and they both got romantically involved. Considering the fact that both are from different cultural and economic background there was little scope for involvement. Yet what has to happen will happen. Probably they were destined to be together.
Bipasha Basu earned the tag of sex symbol for her choice of horror movies and some of the most daring and bold scenes to her credit. It cannot be denied that Bollywood is very unpredictable and success can also be the reason for deceit and fake love that is the reason one wonders that how can a sacred institution such as marriage be for real. But Hey! You never know like I said life in Bolly
wood is “unpredictable”.
Coming to the past of Karan we are aware that he has been married twice to beautiful ladies of the small screen. Both the marriages ended in divorce. While the first marriage to Shraddha was a brief one that lasted for eight months due to the rumored affair with Nicole the choreographer at” Zhalak dikhla ja” in which Karan and participated in 2009. Another beautiful co-star Jennifer Winget also fell for his dashing good looks. Though Jennifer does not reveal the real reason for the separation inside sources reveal the reason was Karan’s constant roving eye that caused the rift between the two.
This is evident from the fact he was getting romantically involved with the making of the picture “Alone” while he was officially married to Jennifer. If we look at the life history of Karan though he was brought up in a modest upbringing there was always a burning desire to gain fame and recognition. He participated in the Gladrags event and has some prestigious awards to his credit. Bipasha too has her share of accolades and awards.
If we talk about flings and relationships Bipasha too has had her share of live in relationships and affairs But marriage was never on her cards. The relationships were at the same professional as well as intellectual level. But this time the whole equation has changed. This time she is in a better financial and professional position than Karan. Karan is still a struggling actor in Bollywood trying to get a foothold in the industry.
Bipasha is currently the country highest paid and the most popular actress. She is also older to Karen then can we conclude that this might be just an arrangement between the couple where the lady in question needs to settle down due to social or personal pleasures and the groom in question is looking for a push to enter the industry and climb the steps of success with a successful career women on his side.
Apparently, the reason for their proximately could also be due to the fact that both are fitness freaks and have the best body in the glamor business so they have a lot of common things to talk and discuss. Also in the glamor business, there is a lot of proximity and closeness so there is bound to attraction and infatuation. Karan and Bipasha are both mature individuals who have the right to live life on their terms. We can only wish and pray that this marriage is for keeps as Mr. Salman Khan rightly said: “Jodi bahut acchi hai aur I hope yeh Jodi thike yeh important hai thikna”. ( Bipasha and Karan’s pairing )
All said and done we genuinely wish Bipasha and Karan a very long and happy married life ahead. Sometimes what looks like a negative proposition turns out to be fruitful in the long run. Every couple deserves happiness and love and as it is Bipasha is a very popular star she has had her share of heartbreaks and hardships and that goes for Karan as well.

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