Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun By Deepti Mishra Kitchen

Holla Guys!! I am back again with a different style of a recipe today. You must commonly be heard of Gulab Jamun.

Today, I will be making a unique kind of gulab jamun with sweet potato and which be tastier than the common ones!


  • First of all, boil your sweet potato but this time not in cooker but in the pan to prevent excessive boiling. It will take around 10 minutes.


  • Cut out small pieces of potato and mash them smooth with your hands. This is done to prepare a dough for the gulab jamun

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  • Add 1 tablespoon maida, 2 tablespoons milk powder, a pinch of banking soda half of cardamom powder and mawa. Mix them well with the dough.


  • Before one more round, add a small amount of oil so that the dough does not stick to your hands.


  • For preparing sugar syrup, take water and sugar in the same quantity and leave it on medium flame.


  • Meanwhile, make small balls with the potato dough. Make sure that there are no cracks.


  • In hot oil, fry these balls on low flame. Fry them till they turn brown in colour.


  • Add cardamom powder in the sugar syrup. Dip your sweet potato balls in sugar syrup and leave it for half an hour.


  • Soft and sweet gulab jamun are ready to enter in your mouths!