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The concept of jewellery is traditional or contemporary style where each piece is priceless and made with very expensive metal .It is more of an assets rather than a fashion statement .The designs have become common because every third jewellery shop is selling the identical items .It is a good option to step out from the crowd and try out some experimental jewellery to make yourself a diva or a style icon for others to appreciate and follow. Here are a few options for you.
*Swarovski crystal jewellery-When you are about to get dressed and you have trouble matching the traditional necklace or danglers with pearls or precious then the Swarovski jewellery is a good choice. These beautiful crystals will add sparkle and designer element to the jewellery. It is easily accessible it is also used to decorate the dresses, the purses or shoes to make them look rich and sparkling. The crystals can be set in white metal or silver jewellery. It is the ideal choice of the younger generation Create your own designer piece to suit any function and occasion .It is convenient to wear every day. Be ready to dazzle the world with the shine or Swarovski crystal jewellery.
*Silver jewellery
Sometimes jewellery that is subtle and elegant becomes the choice of the buyer at the time of investing in jewellery. There was a time when silver jewellery was quite a rage in the fashion industry. Silver buttons on khaki kurtas or blouses were very popular. Silver bangles on both the hands worn with a crispy white sari or suit gave a vintage look to the outfit. It was considered to cure the body of aches and pains in whichever part of the body it was worn like rings, waist belt, chains or anklets .Oxidised silver was more popular than silver coloured jewellery .As silver has a tendency to oxidise it was considered a vintage or antique form of jewellery.
*Talisman jewellery
Talisman jewellery is popular amongst who are superstitious and believe in the occult powers, mystic powers or astrological miracles. It consists of a metal pendent engraves with magical numbers, symbols or idols and put in a gold, silver or metal chain. It is an excellent gifting option with the pictures of the couple on both sides when the pendent is opened .It could also be a hair clip or a broach to fix your scarf or a cloth .God’s image engraved in expensive metal and decorated with crystals, precious jewels are often worn out of superstition or faith that by wearing this talisman they would be protected from harm and the devils eye.
*Steel jewellery
Steel which was a part of our kitchen culture has now found a new form and use. New innovative styles are developed in the line of fashion, music and entertainment which has incorporated steel as chains, studs and bracelets or pendants. Steel being a masculine metal is cheaper than silver is worn by the young boys and artists to give a macho image and create an impression amongst friends .It is also worn by the young girls or kids and they often gift it amongst themselves . Buy online steel jewellery and select from the amazing range of steel jewellery the one that suit your style or purpose.

Kuldeep Sinha

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