Awesome Street Food and tasty Burger for Regular foodies of Noida

Hello Guys I want to share this information with my foodie friends about the awesome street food of Noida. If you are looking for some easy cost food then you must visit your nearest street food corner of Yadavji . This article is based on one of the best Noida Sector 12 Yadav Burger Wala.

To begin with, Yadav Ji street food burger corner is a 20 years old business running successfully in Noida.

The first time I visited his food joint was to have a burger.

I realized that it had an awesome taste and was very fulfilling.  Initially, I ate Yadav ji burger with the red chill chatni whose taste was completely mind blowing.

This is the reason Yadav ji is a well-known person in Noida Sector 12 and 22.

street Food Noida

Firstly, I had to take permission from Yadav ji to publish an article to which Yadav ji said something like “dekho bhai ji sab ok per bas koi pareshani nahi ho”  .

Yadav ji is a very simple person and friendly personality who always has a smile on his face even if there is huge crowd awaiting his food. He seldom gets irritated. Yadav ji has a  locally good customer base with burger than  Ramlala k laddu.

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And Guys Really trust me price is not high and your pocket allow to spend money on Yadav ji burger.

Price is 10 – 15 and 20 rupees depend on burger size. Ramlala k Laddu one plate is 20 rupees so in comparison to that it is not such a big amount. Yadav ji is a single person who handles street mobile based shop with 100% customer trust.

Main thing is that all type of people whether rich, middle class or other sections of the society all enjoy Yadav ji burger. I finally got permission from Yadav ji to publish this article and also took some pictures of him with his food joint. So here I am guys with some great picture of Yadav ji and his street food corner.

And if you are in Noida you must go to Yadav ji corner and try out the burger yourself to actually experience the amazing and awesome taste of Best Street available in Noida.

I must admit that I am a huge fan of Yadavji’s burger. I have to go once or twice an in week to relish his famous burger.

Guys, I request you to visit his place at least once if you are a foodie to enjoy this bench mark of quality and taste and enjoy your burger and ram lala k laddu along with your family and friends.

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