12 Small Bedroom Design Ideas: Make your Room your Best Place

12 Small Bedroom Design Ideas: Make your Room your Best Place:

Whether small or Large, Bedroom is a place where we spend our maximum time. It is the most critical part of our house and is essential to us as we refer to it as ‘My Room’. The kind of decor we choose for our Bedroom effects the mood we carry and reflect the type of person we are. But bedroom space Limitation is a significant issue in experimenting our innovative ideas. So we provide you with 12 modern bedroom ideas, which can make small bedrooms, look exclusively classy.
1.) Bed Frame  – Keep it Light  & Simple
A Big No to large Bed frames especially if you have a small bedroom. A big bed frame will occupy maximum wall space and will make the room look congested.
Bed Frame
2.) Cut a Sleeping Corner
For a small room, it’s important to save space to move around freely and feel comfortable. According to the room structure, place the bed on one side of your room corner so that you are free to do anything with the loft space.
small room ideas
3.) Prefer Storage Beds
Try & Keep beds that have inbuilt storage so that a lot of stuff can be placed in it and There is no need for additional storage outside of the room, leaving the room neat and spacious. But if you do not have much storage needs, Low floor beds are much comfortable and trendy these days making your room look more open and spacious by increasing the size of the floor and the ceiling.
bedroom ideas
4) Full Wall Mirror with Corner Shelf
Use of a full Wall mirror placed at the right place creates the illusion of a bigger room. Also, there is no need for a full dressing closet to keep your cosmetics/perfumes & other essentials. Beside the mirror, a final corner shelf can be fixed in the wall corner, again helping you to save space.

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Wall Mirror with Corner Shelf
5.) Subtle Wallpapers
Try an opt for wallpapers or paint which are plain and simple. Flashy patterned or textured ones will make your room look cramped. Yes though Paintings, framed pictures, or other decor items can be placed on the wall which will be enhanced more on the plain and subtle background.
framed pictures ideas
6.) Slide door Wardrobes
If you have wardrobes in your room, to save a lot of space, make it a sliding door so that the opening of the doors would not restrict the passage and some other essentials like a seating can be adjusted.
Slide door Wardrobes ideas

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7.) The chief Charm – Wall clock
To make your room stylish & different, opt for a big size wall clock, an Antique style especially. With wooden /metal bookshelves on both sides. This will give your room a bit of vintage look and cosy feel.
Wall clock ideas
8.) Minimum Furniture
If you want an added seating in your bedroom, opt for a bean bag or a recliner chair, which is comfortable, stylish and a perfect idea for sleeping, napping reading and plain lounging.
Minimum Furniture ideas
9.) Blinds
Curtains look beautiful if right colours and patterns are chosen, but nowadays even blinds come in many colours and designs. An excellent choice of Blinds on your window will give it a complete look and make your room look neat and sizeable.
Blinds ideas for small bedroom


10.) Room Colour
Colours set the atmosphere of a room, White/Cream/off-whites are ongoing colours, They are never out of trend. But why to choose common every time. Shades like pigeon blue. Olive green, peanut brown, purpose grey are very in these days. Try them individually or in combination on your walls and see how it gives a different look to your bedroom.
Room Colour ideas
11.) Hanging light near a window
With a blind on your window, on the above ceiling, opt for a small and subtle piece of hanging the light and see the difference.
Hanging light ideas
12.) Built-in bedside Racks
Wall built in Floating bedside tables are the best option to free up the already crowded floor space.
bedside Racks ideas
Hope you like these ideas; we would love to know if any of these ideas have inspired you to change your current space. Comments and Feedback are Appreciable. Happy Home, Happy you.

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