Salman Khan Finally Getting Hitched This Time | Salman Khan

Salman Khan Finally Getting Hitched This Time | Salman Khan:

Salman Khan most eligible bachelor of Bollywood:

Yes, friends you heard it right our very own desi Rambo and the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood. He has finally decided to settle down! Peeping into the past life of Salman. His life has a ride of trials and tribulations firstly his hit and run case. That took more than lord Ram years in exile and the shootout of blackbuck poaching case in Jaipur. While he is a free person now but life has left many scars on his heart as well as in his soul. He was a very arrogant and impulsive earlier who use to resort to brickbats for his numerous girlfriends.
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It was easier for him to fall in love but difficult to sustain it. Some Ali, Sangeeta brijlani, Aishwarya Rai to name a few. Now in his mid-fifties, he has finally decided to take the pledge to become settled in life. This time the lady in news is a very popular TV host who is ready to rehost the popular series farm in Hindi with Salman as his co-host.

Salman Khan & Lulia Vantur:-

For all friends (especially females and a diehard Salman fan) the rumoured lady is Lulia Vantur a resident of Romania and born on the 24 th July 1980.That makes her young attractive successful carrier woman who is very popular on TVs as a host and presenter. She walks tall (she is 5’8’’) and looks that could kill.She has also studied law but she opted for the TV station. She has been working while she was still young.They first met on the sets of Ek Tha Tiger and have not lost touch since then. Then she decided to host the Hindi version show of farm along with our desi Rambo Salman. Guess who is teaching “U” as Salman fondly calls her. She was also visible at Salmans side on the wedding of Preeti Zinta.
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Will Selman make a good husband that is the one question to our mind considering his past possessive behaviour with all his ex-girlfriends? It is a well-known fact that bad habits die hard. Time will tell whether after attaining an age of 50 he must have changed and should be less violent as of now.
But according to other revelations, Salman is the ideal caring men ask any of his leading ladies. He takes care of them makes sure they are comfortable and goes to any extent to keep them happy and relaxed. We have the responsible brother for his sister’s wedding and also on the arrival of his nephew. He is a mama’s boy any girl would love to take home to meet her family. His dashing good look and elegant sense of dressing with a large heart where he helps the needy is the ideal requisites of a doting husband.
It is also well-known fact that he has not yet forgotten Ashwaria who was the ideal match to Salman and he like a perfect gentleman never talks ill of her. God knows he deserves happiness we hope and pray that this time it is for real as Lulian and Salman make a very beautiful pair and may they stay together for a family. We hope for the best for our handsome and dashing Rambo and want to see him settled for sure.

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