Break Up: How to manage after break up | Broken Heart | Heartbreak

Break Up: How to manage after break up | Broken Heart | Heartbreak:
Love and relationships bring a lot of happiness and joy in our lives but the break up is something which pulls your life into hell and it’s often difficult to cope up with any such happening.
Someone who has been there with since a long time, who was a crucial part of your life has now left you alone and broken but not to worry there is always purpose behind everything which happens in our lives.
Maybe you deserve someone much better or maybe he was not compatible with you or maybe it was just a materialistic love and you still have a long time to find true love.
So here are few ways to move on and get over the breakup.

  • Enjoy being alone.
  • Move on
  • Discover a new world.
  • Get over your shortcomings.
  • Try to be on your own and get over him.
  • Obsession diet.
  • Exercise
  • Find true love.
  • Go on a holiday.


Remember the last time you went out alone for a hangout with friends, or on some calm and cool, lonely holiday, or a favorite movie fun which your girlfriend or boyfriend didn’t approve.
There are many things which we stop doing once we fall in a relationship. For girls it may be hanging out with girlfriends, shopping or eating the food which he preferred, so now when you are alone you can be yourself and do whatever you like.
Just try to figure out where you really suppressing desires for someone worth, or you have mistaken. Loneliness gives an empty room where you develop strength and hidden treasures within yourself so utilize this time to discover a new version of yourself.

  • After Breakup Move on

    : You may get sad over the old daily habits, activities or places you shared and it’s really natural but now when you know that it’s over, just try to get over his/her memories as soon as possible.
    Stay away from things that remind you of him or just relish the happy moments you shared with him/her and forgive him/her for whatever has led to your relationship breakup.
    It’s never as easy as said but you have to do it to move on in life, realize that it’s a chapter which is now over and you need to move on with whatever you to manage after break up


  • After Breakup Discover a new world

    : Slowly and gradually in a relationship you become someone very different from what you were before, it may be your hairstyle, your clothes or your habits, everything has been according to your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and now that is freaking you out because you have realized that you have suffered by losing your original personality.
    So it’s high time get over those dominant and imposed habits and style just finds your own real taste and get yourself transformed into the original version.


  • Get over your shortcomings

    : You can blame him/her for a major portion of what happened but in a relationship, it’s never the mistake of one person, always it’s both the parties who are somewhere responsible for the breakup.
    So introspect and find out your shortcomings and get over them, this will help in personal recreation and will establish peace of mind within you.


  • Try to be on your own and get over him

    : Yes. He has spoilt your habits by making you dependent on him/her for certain reasons and it’s painful to manage everything alone, but now you have no choice manage your life and become strong enough to handle your problems, issues and work on your own, this will help you in improving your personal self-esteem.
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  • After Breakup Obsession diet

    : From nowhere his/her memories strike your mind throughout the day and you talk about him in some or the other way, this will never let you be calm and you will never move on.
    Start an obsession diet to relieve your obsession with him/her. .select a time of your day when you can talk everything about him/her but after that time or hour, do not bring him/her in your conversation.
    This process will go on for several days and finally, you’ll not need this and you will get over him.


  • Exercise and workout

    : This is a method to cure your obsession, frustration and anxiety just workout hard to relieve all your stress and stay fresh.
    Laziness and lethargy may pull you into depression and disorders in this condition.
    So stay a bit agile and work out to boost up your body and mind.
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  • After Breakup Find true love

    : May what you have thought love did not actually love, it was mere an illusion which you followed so long and finally you discovered the truth that you have mistaken.
    Set your agenda and definition of love, figure out what you actually need from your partner, do not limit yourself to the material world, pay heed to your emotions because finally, relationships are about emotions and care.
    Find someone who actually loves you and accepts you with all your pros and cons. Someone with whom you can discuss everything and share your life with full ease.
    Someone who understands your priorities and never suppresses you.


  • After Breakup Go on a holiday

    : Give yourself a break and go on a holiday and plan out weekend parties with your friends and chill out.
    This will help in overcoming the boredom of your broken relationship and will let you relax and move on.
    Take a day off and do something unusual from your daily schedule to bring out the real you and feel good about yourself.

Relationships are to be nurtured with love and taken care of with a lot of affection.
There may be differences at certain points but they can be sorted out, finding a midway, so handle your relationships with care and affection because breakups often put your life in an unmanageable stress and tension.

After all these points to remember now you know “ how to manage after break up?”.

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