How to Make Better Title For Your Product Search Online

Friends, Last Few years e-commerce marketplace is booming out and people also enjoy services by e-commerce company.
This time customers are buying everything in online websites and enjoy with family. Now I tell you how you make search better for your product.
Most of the people who are selling products online also own web site or different site platforms.
How to Make Better Title For your Product search Online
I bet You, you never consider this thing to enhance your selling. Today every small businessman and big business take benefits of online selling privileges.  
How many sellers or website owner consider insignificant things related to the product. Mostly 30% business owner describe product perfectly.  

How to describe your Product Perfectly in Product Title:

Product title is first and major part of the product search.  If your product title is perfect and friendly accordingly with a search of your product considering first on the search engines ranking.
Most of the time product title maker does few mistakes that are why product searches d not provide a good result in search engines.
title making important tips for e-commerce
For Example, if your product title is – Red color designer fashionable dangle traditional earrings set for women.  This title wrongly describes your product.
Right Title –  Traditional Red Colour Earrings Set – [Using Brand Name]
If you sell your product on your website please include your brand name in the title name.
 If You are new brand then you include your brand name at the end of the title and if you are famous brand then please consider it as the first starting word of your title.
To make it clearer and elaborate here are a few suggestions
why title is imortant for product search
If you are new in the online marketplace and don’t have any popularity related to your product then include some product related keywords in your product title by using your brand in the end of the title.

When you become popular than the people in the market search by your brand name because now the customer knows about your product. Just like famous brands Flipkart and Amazon, eBay.

These are famous brand and is known by everyone wherever the internet is available in this world.
Branding is not so simple but and not impossible for you. it takes the time to gain popularity when you are new in the market.  

online title search better

These are some of the important steps to Making a perfect title:

1 – the title should not be more than 75 characters. Please consider Google webmaster guideline.
2 – Describe your product in 4 to 6 easy words including with searchable and medium traffic keywords.
3 – Using brand name.
4 – For better Keywords use Google Keywords Planner tools for better search and ranking.
These are four important and effortless steps for you for better results.
I know a person who is selling product on Amazon India. He was telling me how Amazon search work on products.
He says that Amazon includes sellers name or brand name starting in the title first word, second is the color of the product and thirdly the design name and product related keyword and last is product size/product code.

To add further to your list of queries here are some important tips:

I tell you the key to about all websites. Please make various products titles for the different selling platforms.
All Selling Platforms Like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Alibaba, Indiamart have a different type of search for the product.
So please guys understand website searches and check out first famous products title or most popular selling product title than list your product according to website title guidelines.

Kuldeep Sinha

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