How to judge if a girl is right for you on meeting her for arranged marriage?

How to judge if a girl is right for you on meeting her for arranged marriage:-

Marriages are entire lifetime in general case, therefore, it’s necessary to have a compatible life partner,
Who understands you and who can share your life in the best possible manner but what if you don’t know whom you are marrying,
Marrying a stranger sounds like a very scary option but it’s often more adventurous and fun if you end up finding the correct choice for yourself.
How to judge if a girl is right for you on meeting her for arranged marriage
In the concept of arranged marriage, you are expected to meet just once or twice and then decide whether the girl you are meeting is good as your spouse or not,
this is really a tough decision and you need to be well prepared with the set of things you should really know about her to say yes for marriage.
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So here is a list of things or instructions you must follow to reach to your final decision when you meet a girl for marriage;

  • Try to figure out what you actually need.
  • Be courteous and gentle.
  • Do not try to frame opinion too early.
  • Prepare a set of questions, and let her answer in her own way, not mold her opinion
  • Be clear with your future prospects.
  • Do not ask private questions.
  • Be clear with your financial goals.
  • Discuss family goals.
  • Spiritual aspect.


  • Try to figure out what you actually need

If you are clear with what you need it’s easy to find your match.
If you are confused and you don’t know what you are looking for then it’s difficult to select the right one.
Be very clear with what you expect in your life partner and let her know with full honesty and dignity and check yours.
Opinion matches or she’s the one for whom you have been waiting for so long.
Be precise in your choices, it may happen you get more than you expect, too many desires may lead you nowhere.
How to judge if a girl is right for you on meeting her for arranged marriage?

  • Be courteous and gentle

Obviously, you both are strangers for now and hence you need to make feel each other comfortable.
Therefore do not try to be over friendly, approach, try to be more courteous and approach, do not scare her with a stork of questions and high demands.
Also, do not try to enter her personal space of mind or personality until you sense that you are going in a right direction.

  • Do not frame opinion too early:

    It’s very easy to say that you don’t like her, but do not do that until you are very sure or vice versa.
    Going slow, peel out the folds of her personality and discover her real behavior, try to be her friend, so that she can get comfortable in sharing her choices and opinion.
    Also do not try to pretend to be she likes, many times you may just be with her opinion to make her feel better, but in doing so remember you are giving her your false appearance, avoid being fake and give her a real picture of who you are.

  • Prepare a set of question and let her answer, do not mold

This can be very helpful in getting on a right track and choosing the right one, prepare few questions which you feel will help you in discovering her better.. When she answers your questions, listen patiently without intruding and do not mold her opinion and try to manipulate her answers. You both may differ but you can always discuss after she speaks.

  • Be clear in your future prospects:

    You both have met to discuss your future so its necessary future gold and aspirations with her. What do plan and why she has in mind is what will make you both adjust with beach other will help you in maintaining easy compatibility.

  • Do not ask private questions:

    It’s very early, to get into very personal space if you are meeting someone for the first time, discussing her private life may be a bit uncomfortable and even unfair, you can get aware of it later on also when you are sure about her. In today’s scenario, it’s very obvious that everyone has a past life, she is marrying you doesn’t mean that she had not lived before she met a lot of people and maybe she had her past as you have, so accept it with dignity.
    Happy Married Life


  • Financial goals: After you marry, finance becomes an important department to handle. So it’s better to just take her overview about how she wishes to manage finance of her home or what are her plans regarding her contribution in finance of home and family.
  • Family goals: As it is an arrange marriage obviously your families are very much involved in your relationship so it’s necessary to discuss future family goals and how does she wish to plan out her time between her family and work.
  • Spirituality: This is another aspect of any individual, spirituality means faith, in order to discover her in the most appropriate manner it’s necessary to discuss her opinion on spirituality. This aspect will also have a very great impact on your family in future if you get married to her.

After you have discussed all these goals with her and you are satisfied with her responses you have found a perfect match for your lifetime and you ready to get married. So live happy married life and now you know ‘ how to judge if a girl is right for me on meeting her for arranged marriage.”

Kuldeep Sinha

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