IndianShelf – Reviving the Handicraft Culture of India

In India, a handicraft piece is not just another product meant to be sold or showcased. With all its artistic depictions manifested outside, in its deepest center lies the heart of the craftsmen of India, and aroma of the land of India.
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Handicrafts in India are rich memoirs of the ancient age as well as souvenirs of heritage for ages to come.
However, in last few decades, with advancements in science and technology, this culture seemed to vanish under the glossy machine-made items and artificial decorations.
But no matter how advanced these items may be, the handicrafts encasing the spirit of Indian tradition and the heart of craftsmen intricately woven into them are unmatchable. And so does believe the people at IndianShelf.
Herein, IndianShelf took a dive to dig out and revive the handicraft culture connecting with the best of craftsmen and artisans around the country.
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About IndianShelf

Incorporated six years back, IndianShelf aims at bringing back in the picture the exotic talent of Indian craftsmen and innate desire of city people by connecting both of them.
At present, the organization acts as a link between craft producers and over 5,000 artisans, rural or urban, pan India.
It houses hundreds of thousands of handicraft products that people across the globe purchase as gifts, keepsakes, and displays of art made in exotic materials like metal, clay, rock, stone, shells, wood, paper, etc.

The Endless Shelf of Handicrafts

Be it the traditional seed bead gem boxes to vintage furniture, IndianShelf features a vast range of craft products for everyone.
From people looking for renovating their home décor to art lovers, at IndianShelf they’ll find what they are searching for.
Here’s a glimpse of the innumerable craft items available with IndianShelf.
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  1. Venetian Mirrors – Gift Love, Italy Style

In 16th century, on the Italian island of Murano, the kings were so fascinated by these Venetian mirrors that there was a shortage in the supply of craft persons. However, today in
However, today in 21st century, IndianShelf brings back these art pieces, but without any shortage.
With intricate gold leaf ornamentation dusted with metal powders and sturdy still water like mirror glass, these ancient style mirrors are perfect to adorn the walls of your powder room.
Choose from a variety of colours and carving designs.

  1. Vintage Knobs – Invented in Egypt, Designed in India

From the streets of Khurja, or the Ceramic City, take home the exquisite craftsmanship in the form of knobs and handles.
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Cream ceramic knobs etched with beautiful patterns in chocolate brown give way to a home décor unmatchable.
Even the simplest of cabinets would attract a visitor’s attention when you adore it with these drawer sliders.
Apart from ceramic, IndianShelf offers a variety of knobs and handles in glass, crystal, Bikaner clay and Victorian bronze.

  1. Crafted Fashion Jewellery – Relive Bygone Beauty

From acrylic beaded chains to filigree Mughal earrings and vintage choker necklace, slip into a style that stands out of the rest.
IndianShelf accommodates a huge variety of chains, necklaces, earrings, dangle jhumkis, and what not.
Mix-n-match with your favorite pair of designer clothes and there you are, the queen of the ramp.
To accentuate your look, IndianShelf also has designer kurtis, sparkled jootis, and other fashion apparels.

  1. Lamps & Lanterns – Let Light Play

Whether you like the balmy feel of cottage lighting, the scintillating sparkles of medieval times or the glam exuding blush of vintage lighting, IndianShelf has it for you.
It comes with a large collection of lighting décor for homes, offices, restaurants, and banquets.
You can choose from a beautiful collection of lantern lamps, pendant lighting, chandeliers and cut-out mosaic lamps coming in a variety of sizes and shapes.

  1. Showpieces & Keepsakes – For the Art Lover in You

The state-of-the-art handicraft collection at IndianShelf is obvious to lend an ineffable charm to your home décor.
Brass cups, alloyed statues, wooden carvings and metal pots available with IndianShelf are perfect for gifting your loved ones with a memoir of love that they can preserve for their lifetime.
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And so, if you too are an art lover, come along in this amazing journey with IndianShelf and gift your eyes an inseparable token of beauty. With that, browse on in the gallery of handicrafts at IndianShelf and in turn, you’d definitely end up finding a gallery of your favourites.
To pick from a wide range of handicrafts, simply log in to, search your favourites and grab on!

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