Imitation Jewelry Trends in Tv Serials

“The demand for imitation jewellery has seen a huge surge over the past year. Customers, especially women are very inspired by the latest trends, thanks to following soap operas and celebrity fashion on a regular basis,” Ashish Sood, co-founder, You shine, said in a statement.
Customers, especially women are very inspired by the latest trends, thanks to following soap operas and celebrity fashion on a regular basis,” Ashish Sood, co-founder, Youshine, said in a statement.
This has led to an aspiration to emulate the styling they see flaunted by their favorite stars.
Rise in standards of living and purchasing power has also aided customers’ preference for evolving fashion jewelry trends, as endorsed by celebrities,” Sood added.
Women’s love for real silver, gold and diamond jewelry notwithstanding, Indian customers don’t mind buying replicas of the Bollywood-inspired jewels, feels Shagun Chadha, CEO, and founder,
There’s been a 30 to 40 percent of the increase in the sale (of such jewellery).
Women like to adorn themselves with the latest collections designed exactly like the original. We have Deepika Padukone-inspired ‘Ram-Leela’ jhumkas are a huge hit on the website,” she said.
Aged between 12 and 45, women those who purchase such jewelry are mostly from metropolitan cities.
However, there’s been a lot of love from Punjab, Ludhiana and Chandigarh and parts of South India as well,” she added.
Seeing these statements we can understand that how much women love imitation jewellery these days.
Women want to decorate themselves with imitation jewellery and there are many T.V Serial actors who start their own collection of jewellery or the jewellery sets are sold by their name.
There are certain cloth materials which are sold by their name.
If you have to spend your teenage in the 90’s then you must have heard about Saree worn by Miss Madhuri Dixit in the Movie “Hum Aapke Hai Kaun” and the saree has almost become a rage in those days.
Similarly there are many collections by different brands that get associated with T.V shows female leads and even actor and actress of the movies and bring out collections in their name in the form of clothing and jewellery.
So much so that even the jewellery in Gold and silver are getting huge competition from the imitation jewellery in terms of popularity. So you may not get surprised if your lady love wants imitation jewellery this festive season and not the real one.
You must consider them a junk material but for your women, it’s the piece which she is yearning for and once she gets that you can see her delight and joy.
Since Indian serials are becoming bigger in canvas viewers are taking inspiration from clothes and accessories spotted by favorite saas or bahu in the serials.
If you see Paridhi Sharma wearing heavy neckpieces in Jodhaa Akbar or Bhabo SA’s Rajasthani Borla in Diya aur batti hum these jewelleries are catching trends these days.
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Kuldeep Sinha

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