Homemade Ice Cream Without Ice Cream Maker | Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade Ice Cream Without Ice Cream Maker | Ice Cream Recipe:

Summer season is finally here and with the advent of this season comes the choice of vast varieties of ice creams! The freedom to enjoy the love of the ice cream is the best part I love about this season. Varying from mango to papaya to chocolate, the choice is endless. And with increasing technology and various kitchen utensils, one can quickly make ice cream at home! Wondering how, ill tell you Read on.
Be it kids or adults or seniors, we all love ice creams. But none of the moms will want their kids to enjoy everyday ice creams from outside shops. Hence, we’ve various kitchen tools that enable us to make yummy lip-smacking summer cooler at home!
how to make ice cream at home
 Today in this blog, ill will provide you with some fantastic recipes for making ice creams at home and that too without any ice cream maker! And once you become an ace in making ice creams, soon you will be the talk of the town!
 I will be writing about two versions of making ice cream without an ice cream maker, egg and egg-free version. This method is personally used by me for making the ice creams, rest for all the egg lovers, ill will giving another version as well! Making ice cream recipe at home is quite an easy task, until the time you do not add some additional flavours or tricks to it.


For an egg-free version of ice cream, you require some amount of cornstarch and a few tablespoons of cream cheese, and you are good to go. For this recipe, you will need,

  • Two 1/4th cups of whole milk
  • Five teaspoons of cornstarch
  • Two tablespoons of cream cheese
  • 14th tsp of salt
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 2/3rd cup of sugar
  • Two tsp honey
  • One vanilla bean
  • One tsp vanilla extract

Ice Cream Recipe:

  • Put the 1/4th cup of whole milk in a bowl and add five tsp of cornstarch. Whisk it well until the cornstarch is completely dissolved and ensure no lumps are there. This mixture will be used later
  • In another bowl, take a 1/4th cup of whole milk and add cream cheese and whisk it until the mixture becomes smooth and soft.
  • Put the remaining whole milk in another bowl and add cream, sugar honey, and whisk them well till it becomes soft and smooth.
  • In a pan, add ½ cup of milk and heat it on medium flame. Whisk this hot milk and slowly add the separate bowls of the mixtures along with the vanilla beans. Remember to remove the vanilla bean husk and then add vanilla extract, keep n whisking slowly, until it becomes smooth.
  • Now the most crucial step is to chill the ice cream base, before all the above activities. For this, you require to keep it overnight for 4 hours, or instant results pour the ice cream mix in a bag and insert this bag in ice water.
  • Now comes the very crucial step of churning the ice cream base. This step will undoubtedly make you an edge over others who make ice creams at home. While freezing the ice cream, you need to churn the centre of the ice cream so that large ice crystals do not form in the middle of the ice cream. This is a little tedious task but trust me this makes your ice cream tastes creamier and tastier.
  • In the last step of churning process, you can add your desired flavours or small eatables to give an extra spark.

For making an egg version of ice cream, the steps are same except the one of adding egg yolks instead of cream cheese and cornstarch. You need to whisk the ice cream base more to get and smooth and creamy texture of the ice cream.

You favourite summer cooler is ready to serve with all the members of your house lingering behind you and asking you the recipe for this particular dish!

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Before starting trying this recipe at home, there are a few quick tips to keep in mind to make perfect ice cream at home:

  • Before freezing the ice cream, you need to churn it well in the cream maker and then freeze it hard.
  • Your ice cream will be tasty, creamy, soft and smooth only by churning continuously and efficiently.

Make comment below once you have tried this recipe of making ice cream without an ice cream maker at home.

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