How to Select the Correct and Right Gym Bottle or Protein Shaker

In today’s world, it is very difficult to keep ourselves healthy and fit because our daily routine does not let us have a healthy body. Due to this reason, many people prefer to go to the gym and do exercise to keep themselves fit and healthy. Apart from that many people are interested in bodybuilding and used to take protein shakes and an appropriate diet according to their schedule.

So, if you are a regular gym person or a bodybuilder everyone needs a gym bottle or protein shaker for his or her liquid diet through the exercise session. In this article, I will help you with some tips that how to use a protein shaker along what you should remember or check before purchasing a gym bottle or a protein shaker. So, let’s have a look upon on them.

Introduction about Protein shaker

As a name itself suggest that protein shaker is nothing but just a bottle which is used to make a protein shake in the appropriate amount of milk or water with protein powder.

A protein shaker should be in the shape of a tumbler with a lid upon it. But now the question is people can make a protein shake in the normal tumbler then why we need this shaker.

Then let me explain to you that if you use a normal glass or tumbler and make your protein shake with a spoon then you can find lumps of protein powder in the shake but with a protein shaker there are no lumps in the shaker.

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This happens because protein shaker comes with a shaking ball and a lid you just need to pour all the ingredients in the protein shaker and shake it.

After some time open the lid and you can find that there is no lump and due to this reason a protein shaker is recommended to use for protein shakes instead of normal tumblers.

How to select the correct and right gym bottle or protein shaker?

In the above context, I explained that why a protein shaker is recommended for protein shakes but now the question is how can you choose the right gym bottle?

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What should be the criteria to find the right gym bottle or protein shaker? Well, there are numerous gym bottles and protein shaker are available in the market but to choose the right gym bottle/protein shaker you have to check these 3 criteria which are as follows:

1)    What is the size of the gym bottle? Does this size fulfil your requirement?

The size of your gym bottle is the main factor and you should check the size of the gym bottle because your trainer told you about the amount of protein shake you need to take.

So, it means that you should have an appropriate size of protein shaker. You have to ensure that the size of your gym bottle should fulfil your protein shake requirements.

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2)    Is this protein shaker is easy to clean?

When we purchase any protein shaker we used to get attracted by the outside design and print but along with outside design, you should check the inside structure of the gym bottle.

While purchase a gym bottle you should check whether the bottle is easy to clean from the inside or not. If your gym bottle has complex inside structure then it is difficult for you to wash and clean it. So, always purchase a simple gym bottle.

3)    Is this gym bottle is pocket-friendly?

Yes, pocket-friendly or affordable another major factor because when we look at the size of the gym we should also check whether it is in our budget or not. So, you have to be careful about the price rate of the gym bottle as well.


When you are purchasing a gym bottle or protein shaker then you have to ensure all above three point that is the bottle is in proper size of your requirement, it is easy to clean and budget in a friendly way.

If you use these three points then you will definitely get the best gym bottle at reasonable rates. And for gym lover, protein shaker is very important so if it is your starting point then remember the above points and get your new gym bottle.

Kuldeep Sinha

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