Mango Milkshake | How to Make Mango Shake | Mango Shake Recipe

Mango Milkshake –

Hello Friends Today I am going to show you how to make mango shake recipe at home. Friends, You know what, Everyone loves mangoes, and many talented people try to new ideas with mangoes just like – Mango Kulfi Icecream. Today I am discussing only on Mango Shake Recipe with Vanilla ice cream. So Friends First of all you have learned what ingredients needs to prepared mango milkshake.

How To Make Mango Shake –

So Friends First of us we need these essential things to make mango milkshake.

1 – Mango – One Big Size of mango approx 300grm

2 – Full Fat Milk – 200ml

3 – Vanilla Ice Cream (optional)

4 – Sugar – Depends on your taste.

Mango Shake Recipe

So, friends, the first step is to take the mango and peel it correctly and the second step is to cut random pieces of mango and put into the mixing pot and grind it. When you smooth paste is ready, put some milk into the same bowl and mix again after this put some vanilla ice cream into the same cup and mix again.

Friends mango shake is ready Now and it’s time to serve the mango shake.

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