How to Decorate Your Home with the Pantone Colors of the Year 2016

Pantone Inc. is a corporation which is headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey. The company has been known since years for Pantone Matching system.  So the main work of Pantone is to declare the color of the year which is given due importance by other corporate and many designing companies. In the year 2016 Pantone Inc has given a bounty by declaring the two Pantone color of the year. It has named Rose Quartz and Serenity i.e. the soft pink and pale Blue hue as two great colors of the year. These two colors reflect calmness and soothing sense of order and peace. It has been culturally accepted that the Blue color is for boys and Pink is for girls. There are few people who are a fan of both colors at the same time. So here is the golden opportunity for you to decorate your home with both the shades of colors and appreciate the Pantone’s color combination. Here are some of the items which can be chosen for the home décor purpose in Pantone colors.


You can choose the rugs of either light pink colors or Blue. You can have a light pink color which will give you a trendy style. Although Pink would not be the choice for many people you can certainly choose the light blue rug which can give you colorful flooring which is vibrant and stylish. You can have vintage style decoration in blue hue if you go for a Persian style carpet in deep blue color.


Decorating the home with lamps is a great idea as it also helps you to light your room and give distinctive feeling to your home. You can go for a night lamp either in the blue color or a pink color can also work fine for you. You can, of course, play with the colors and have a shade of blue mixed with white or Pink with other shades which will look as one of the best colors.  You can also get a simple table lamp with a white shade on the top and the base will be a pink or a blue.


You can add a great style to your bed by having pillows in the hues of Pink and Blue. You can go for pillows for the sofa or your bed in different hues and colors and it can be a shade of mix and match where you can combine the Pink color with blue colors to give a distinctive styling.  These pillows will add beauty to your home and provide the best styling giving a distinctive feel to your home.


You must surely keeping baskets to store your laundry clothes so that the dirty clothes should be separated from the fresh ones. Instead of having these baskets in any color you can go for some stylish storage with woven baskets in the Pantone color of the year. Not only in having a color from Pantone will help you a distinctive feeling to your home but it will also help you to store different items from toys to throw blankets.


Vases are an important part and serve as a decorative purpose for your home. You can pair great styling vases in the Pantone colors which are Pink and Blue. You can go for wintry white flowers in a Pink vase and similarly you can also look for a blue glass vase for colors of a different hue. In this way, you can give a great opportunity to decorate your homes with different Pantone colors. The Pantone colors are one of the best ways to give a great decorative feel to your home.
Poufs: poufs can be used as a great seating arrangement as it looks similar to bean bags and gives a distinctive feel to your homes. It gives a space efficient feeling to your home and if you want to give a bohemian look to your home then you can go for shaggy pink and if you want to give more structure to your space then you can go for Blue color which is one of the Pantone colors.


You can go for Dinnerware in the Pantone colors and the beautiful dinnerware in which either you have some food or you are arranging it in your Kitchen the Pantone colors will give a new feel to your home.


The Votives can be a great way to display the Pantone colors. The Votives give a fresh feel to your dining space and add beauty to the place. You can have candles fixed in it and it will look good if it’s spread out in an efficient manner.
Refrigerator: You can go for a Blue color refrigerator because it will add beauty to your home. Not only that you can also go for a Pink color refrigerator which cannot be the preference for everyone although it will not look bad at all.
Art work: A home without an art work does not look a great place. You can design some great art work for your home in Pantone colors. You can give a great feeling to your home through Pantone colors and decorate your home or office in a great design.


You can go for a tapestry with Pantone colors in all hues of Blue and Pink. In this way, you can give a great feeling to your home.  It gives a sense of tranquility and peace when you hang the tapestry in a bedroom or your dining space in the Pantone color.
Storage cube: You can go for a Storage cube in Pantone colors and give a serene atmosphere to your home with these simple storage cubes. The Pantone colors for Storage cubes are a great choice and it will help you to organize your knick knacks at a proper place. If you want to add more interest then you can go for these storage bins into more fresh Pantone colors like Pink and Blue.
So you have seen the importance of Pantone Colors and how to decorate your home with these. Hope this article will throw some light on the use of Pantone colors

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