Honesty Is The Best Policy | IF YOU ARE HONEST, YOU ARE THE BEST

Honesty Is The Best Policy | IF YOU ARE HONEST, YOU ARE THE BEST

Since the early childhood, we have had heard this very common saying, honesty is the best policy, but I am assured none of us competes abide by the rules and regulations of this policy. This is because most of us tend to lie to hide out our feelings from someone or due to any other intentions. But you know what, in some of the other way, truth cannot be hidden and will come out.
honesty is the best policy
Even now I remember how once I lied to my dad when I was in class V. I had stolen 100 bucks from my father’s wallet and lied to him saying that the maid must have taken the money! But eventually, my mom found that 100 rupee note in my school; bag and you can imagine that was my most unlucky day! This is one small incident, with growing age we tend to hide our emotions and hence end up telling lies.  Truth is Valuable, besides it may be hard at times. But it is unavoidable.
Lying is an easy task and speaking out the freaking truth is a tedious task. But guys, you cannot sustain a satisfactory life when you are telling lies in small steps of life. This is because:-

  • Trust is the base of all the relationships and in this relationship of trust; the truth is the root of all. The strength of a relationship depends on how much truth you are towards your partner.


  • Being honest and open makes you a better person within. You live and comfortable and a life of mental happiness which is tough to find in today’s scenario.


  • Honest embraces you to tackle stressful situations correctly and smartly which otherwise would have resulted in a significant loss.


  • One can try building a web of lies in each small step, but once in a lifetime, the entire truth comes out which makes the situations worse than at the time when the reality should have been spoken.

I understand telling the truth is not an easy task and it genuinely requires a hell lot of courage to do so. But with these simple and easy steps which I am going to tell you now will make you healthy from within and will make you realise the importance of honesty is the best policy:-

  • Be courageous and strong enough to handle the after effects. I know initially it will require a lot of efforts but gradually telling the truth will be a more straightforward task for you and finally, there will hardly any situations left wherein you will be required the need of telling the truth to anyone.

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  • Stop over thinking about the reality. Just set the goal and hit the shot


  • Have you ever realised in stepping into the footsteps of the person who is in front of you and to whom in next few minutes you will build a web of a lie! Replace your situation with your opposite person, and then you will understand the importance of honesty.


  • Many people think that honest implies being blunt and rude and prefer to cover the situations with sweet lies. But this is not true. You need to ply a little tactic and need to be a bit diplomatic in being honest with someone. Remember that it must not affect the opposite person in either of the ways.


  • Why to always think about negative impacts of telling the truth. Have faith in the person and hope that he/she will understand your situation will not react negatively. After all, not all human beings are same!


  • Following the policy of being honest, makes you a better individual both in personal and professional life. It helps you deal with unavoidable and unintentional situations.

We would appreciate if you people share with us your personal experiences in facing such situations.

Kuldeep Sinha

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