Some people have the habit of changing their homes every few months may be it can be a compulsion for them because of their ever changing jobs while others live in the same place throughout their lives. If you come under the first category you may move due to education, finances or employment or you might have plain itchy feet. If you want a comfortable stay in your home you need at least furniture so that the house feels like home. You can have an idea of renting a furnished apartment but there are chances of allergies or insects due to upholstered items so having second hand goods are not feasible. In any big cities a serious problem arises due to bed bug. It’s better to have a few attractive and useful belongings of your own which is soothing in a psychological manner helping you to get rid of the stress and tension of frequent location. You can try these wonderful tips useful in frequent relocation.
Ø  Roll
Have you ever gone backpacking or simply gazed admirably at the folks who carry all their goods in a Knapsack?
So with this experience you must have picked up the principle of furniture which is easily movable. You can roll anything in it like a futon mattress or couch or else you can have a sleep hammock. It is easy and simple to pack and not only that it will survive yet another move when you move to other place.
Ø  Re(Arrange)
If you are a person who move often you can expect the unexpected. It’s not necessary that every new home will have a singular layout but it will have differently sized rooms. You can choose for comfort by having flexibility for e.g. two or three comfortable chairs which can be easily folded instead of having an oversized couch. You can have modular furniture such as sectional sofas which can be held together in myriad ways.
Ø  Fold
You can go for that furniture which can be folded easily. Instead of using yesteryear’s rickety card tables and metal chairs youcan purchase some stylish dining tables which look beautiful and elegant. Also you can go for sofas and beds which can be compressed into surprisingly small packages. Some of them have instructions to simplify transport.  
Ø  Use furniture as storage or storage as furniture
If you have furniture that multitask are most practicalfor your lifestyle. If you have ottomans and beds which double up as storage space inside then you will need less shelves and dressers. Similarly you can choose storage that can serve as furniture. You can have steamer trunks which can double up as solid shipping containers while transporting possessions which are fragile. You can have folding coffee tables. If you have hard plastic storage units which looks less aesthetic but it can be painted or decorated in such a way that it should look pleasing. You can try oversized wicker baskets for the clothes which are casual and you will then need less drawer space as the result.
Ø  Take the advantage of technology
In the past decades some of the boxes which included books were the heaviest but with the advent of technology literature collection can be stored in a small device called kindle or else you can use an app on your laptop or smartphones. Not only that you can also photograph and treasure moments of your child with the same device. Also you can store mementos like children’s performance in various programmes and instead of CD’s carry them in the app.
In this way you can make shifting easy and affordable within a stipulated price range making your life easier and hassle free.

Kuldeep Sinha

कुलदीप सिन्हा एक हिंदी ब्लॉगर हैं ये अपनी नॉलेज सभी के साथ शेयर करतें हैं और फुंकूल इंडिया पर भी ये इनफार्मेशन डालतें हैं। इनका मोटिव लोगो को नयी नयी जानकारी से अवगत करना हैं ताकि लोगों की जानकारी बड़े और लोग जागरूक बने।