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The jewellery of different countries is distinct and discrete in its design and making. The designs are made   depending upon the traditional and cultural trends prevalent in that country during that time. The designs are made keeping in mind the kind of metal that is easily available in that region. The designs are made by the artisans and craftsmen and they make jewellery according to the designs that is given to them by the jewellery designers or they can be made by the artisans themselves.
A new fashion trend
Gone are the days of traditional jewellery that was not only expensive and could be worn on formal functions or occasions .Also there was not much choice available for these kind of jewellery .But the retro age saw the emergence of a new trend of fashion or costume jewellery. The jewellery is made using beads, semi precious stones and made with bronze or steel .The jewellery as the name suggested is selected to suit the costume worn by the buyer. They are also termed as beaded jewellery, funky or chunky jewellery and are easily available or affordable by women of all sections of the society. The beauty of this kind of jewellery is that all designs are innovative and unique and very reasonably priced.
Fashionable and very trendy
The necklaces are very elegant with a single string and the designs are made with beads, stones or colourful satin threads. There are other designs made of bone and wood which are also very popular amongst the young ladies. It could be inn the form of a pendent or a stringed necklace or tassels of satin threads embedded on a bronze plate which could be stringed .The jewellery also includes danglers, studs and chandeliers made by bronze or other metals and given a rich look by polishing it in gold or silver colour. Bracelets in fashion world could be in the shape of a bangle .The bracelet can be beaded ,stoned or hand painted .It could also be made of bronze, silver or other metal .It could a matching piece with the necklace and earrings or it an be available separately  in fancy eye-catching designs.
Beauty of handicrafts in the field of jewellery                      
The fashion world jewellery is hand made with utmost precession and keeping the minutest things in mind. The designs vary from tribal, contemporary, funky and flirty designs. They can be mixed and matched to get some amazing results .It can be worn on traditional or western attires. They come in coiled, beaded, stringed neckpieces which give a bohemieum look to the outfit worn. You will be surprised on the choice of colours used in this kind of jewellery. Bold pink, turquoise blue and gold all used to produce some amazing designs. The earrings are quite long and look very trendy when worn with the western dresses or with the beachwear .The danglers are also available in the polish of gold and silver in some ornate designs.

If you wish to present yourself as a diva you can invest in the costume or fashion jewellery .The beauty of this line of jewellery is that you need  to visit any shop it is readily available online .There are a thousands of designs and colours to choose from .

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