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Bangles are traditionally worn by south Indian women in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Bangles are worn by the young, old and even by little girls though every bangle has it s own significance or relevance.
As young girls it is just an accessory to match the dress code and the colour of the outfit worn .

The bangles are available in different shapes and sizes.

Married women wear glass bangles which is preferably red or green colour to ensure long life of the spouse.
In the eastern parts of India glass bangles are replaced white bangles made of corn shell and red bangle made of red coral stone In the northern regions a set of deep red bangles called “Chooda “made of ivory are the basic accessory besides wearing bangles made of gold or silver which is also a part of the culture and tradition.
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The shape of the bangle can be circular, oval, rectangular and squared depending upon individual choice.

This type of bangle is popular as fashion bangles.

it is not very expensive and is worn on the wrist of the women’s hand.
Women’s bangles are a jewelry box staple and it is important to have plenty of versatile pieces in your collection to ensure that you have something to match with every look.
Generally, the fashion bangles are hand crafted by talented designers or sourced by the local retailers or small time businessmen men by purchasing it from the local artisans by buying them in stock and selling it further through the shop or online.
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The bangles are hand painted in beautiful patterns and designs. 

Different kinds of colorful artificial or semi-precious stones are attached to them.
Gold or silver glitter along with the colorful design makes them exclusive and ornate suitable to worn on small get together between friends or a brief visit to the mall or market.
They are worn as sets where the thin metal bangles are worn alternately with the wooden, bone or horn bangles.
The fashion bangles are preferred bangles made of gold and silver.
The reason for the growing popularity is due to its low price and easily available right at the corner street or in the local shop or the mall.
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An interesting range of bangles for the pretty girls is also available in animated characters.

They are made of beads, corn or shells.They are available in plastic and glass as well .
The Fashion bangles are popular due to its popular designs with stunning color amongst the kids.
Fashion trends come and go but the ever popular design still remains the round shape.
The purpose of the shape was due to auspicious reasons as the circle does not have a beginning or an end so one who is wearing this shape is free from obstacles and tensions for the entire life.
So what are you waiting for go online shopping today and buy for yourself the trendy and popular fashion bangles and see yourself transform into a diva instantly

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