Failed bollywood Marriages | Love Failure | Divorce of bollywood actors | bollywood divorces

Failed bollywood Marriages | Love Failure | Divorce of bollywood actors | Bollywood Divorces

Marriage is a sacred institution and is surely for keeps. There is an instant chemistry that strikes between the couple They exchange their vows and promise to be together for each other in good times as well as bad times.The couple who are madly in love in the initial stages of marriage does not want to see each other after some time.They put the future of their children at stake and plan to start their life all over again with another partner or want to raise their kids to single handily. They start washing their dirty linen in public and then start the blame game and mudslinging.  It is a pity to see some of your favourite stars through so much of agony and pain especially the celebrity couple who we feel lead a picture perfect life and nothing wrong can happen to them. Here is a list of a few celebrities who have to go through the painful process of divorce and have survived to start all over again.

Love Failure

One of the most popular and good looking couples of boll wood was Hrithik Roshan and Susanne Roshan which was the most hyped marriage.The good-looking hunk and the beautiful princess cum designer made such a fabulous pair together it looked every bit of a fairytale romance. The marriage was held on such a grand scale and the marriage set was decorated tastefully and stylishly. The trouble with their marriage started after 12 years of marriage blame it on fidelity, rumoured fling or mutual attraction between the actors. The couple is living separately but with a mutual consent to care of the kid’s upbringing and remain their guardians.

The other most talked about divorce was of much older and established star Amrita Singh and an upcoming actor and the son of the legendary parents Sharmila Tagore and Pataudi. According to the available source, the roving eye of Saif Ali Khan and his romance with Rosa and eventually his involvement with Kareena Kapoor led to their separation. The couple has two beautiful children who are on good terms with their foster mother and separated father.
Who doesn’t know about the fondness Aamir Khan has for his new wife Kiran. But we also know that he has separated his first wife who was his neighbour. It was inter cast marriage where Aamir was a Muslim whereas Reena Dutta was a Punjabi.
The cause of their divorce is still under wraps.The couple is blessed with two healthy kids Ira and Junaid from their first marriage.While Aamir has moved on with his life after marrying Kiran, Reena lives a quiet life with her kids.
A clear case of infidelity broke the marriage of Kamal Hassan and Sarika the popular child artist of the 60 ’s.Kamal Hassan has earned world fame for his dancing and acting skills.The couple shocked the entire nation when they planned to have kids out of the wedlock.They were blessed with two lovely daughters Shruti and Akshara and planned to get married after the birth of their second daughter. Both the girls are multi-talented are earning a decent recognition in boll wood.
An example of childhood friendship going sour was the marriage between the star of yesteryear’s Kareena Kapoor and the ace golfer Sanjay Kapoor. It is speculated that Karishma agreed to marry Sanjay after she broke up with Abhishek Kapoor and she needed a shoulder to cry on.They have two kids in their 8 to 10 years of marriage and are still fighting at the court for a mutual consent for divorce and it is out in the papers that Sanjay Kapoor has agreed to give the alum money required for the upbringing of their kids.

It is sad to see so many marriages breaking as it is not only distressing and painful but leaves a scar in one’s life.But some things are inevitable and what is destined to happen will certainly happen

Kuldeep Sinha

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