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The city is in a state of shock after the arrest of the Dera chief and self-proclaimed guru and baba to say so. This is not the first time this is happening there are many instances where these dharma gurus have broken the faith of the innocent people’s sentiments. They take advantage of the title conferred upon them as baba or father and indulge in malicious acts, rape, and forgery.

An Early Beginning

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was born at Sri Gurusar Modia in Rajasthan. He had a very modest upbringing and did many odd jobs and social work at the Dera as his father was a follower of Shan Satnam Singh. On retirement, Shah Singh surprisingly announced Gourmet as a leader of Dera by conferring upon him the title of Huzoor Maharaj Gurmeet Ram Rahim. By that time Gurmeet was married and had three children two daughters and a son.

Corruption Due to Political Support

People were shocked to see the luxurious interiors and the fleet of cars ranging from range rovers and much more. There were rumors that Gurmeet had raped many young women and girls in the tunnel that was built to carry rape, sexual assault and other politically influenced activities like riots, blockade and other violent activities. He is known to have been funded by the then ruling party RSS and later had the support of the BJP. These individuals were known to have taken help from Gurmeet during elections and for votes.
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 Letter That Leads to Gurmeet’s Conviction in Rape

Letter That Lead to Gurmeet’s Conviction in Rape
The letter that led to Rahim convicted of violation was sent to the Prime minister and the Haryana CM. The letter that was written by a sadhvi of the Dera accused Gurmeet of repeatedly raping her and her other fellow sadhvis in the premises itself. The other sadhvis were afraid of disclosing this to their respective families as they were staunch supporters of the Dera regime and would not believe them. She wrote in the letter that they were invited to the room that was in the tunnel where Gurmeet was lying with a remote in his hand and a porn movie playing in the background. This was done on repeated occasion, and one day finally she decided to come in the open to reveal the real Ram Rahim contrary to the image he was portrayed in the general public.

List of Controversies Revolving Around Gurmeet Ram Rahim

In addition to the molestation and rape case, there is a list of cases where Ram Rahim is

  1. Accused of raping minor and other females
  2. Found guilty of murder of a DSS member Ranjit Singh
  3. The editor of Poora Sach a local paper in Sirsa was killed on the instructions of Ram Rahim.
  4. CBI has accused the Dera chief with influencing his followers in castration in order to realize god which led to mass castration as claimed by a former RSS follower Hansraj Chauhan.

Rockstar Baba Led a Flashy Life

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Due to immense political support, he led a very flashy lifestyle. One could see a fleet of cars in his Dera property with guards with Ak-47 and other pistols. He rebelled from his youth as he dropped out of school and was accused of bullying and eve teasing young girls. People claimed that his spiritual power made him the godman he was. One could see him in dancing and singing like a rock star with machine guns, riding different vehicles, dancing with young girls behind the bushes. He was self-obsessed baba who made people dance to his tunes.

      Hurting the sentiments of people

gurmeet ram rahim singh
Even though he was involved with various social work campaigns like blood donation camps, eye donations, relief camps he was accused of hurting the sentiments of the spiritual guru imitating the 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh at a public function in Bhatinda. This led to violent outbursts from the Khalistan Liberation Force. Gurmeet Ram Rahim had a narrow escape in one such attack.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim guilty and Granted Punishment

 After the court’s verdict, the godman Gurmeet is behind the bar but the way he was presented in the court in the expensive and swanky car is objectionable and unacceptable. Fingers are raised on the political and the security system of the country where a criminal is treated like a royal figure. But the best part is he is imprisoned for 1o for a crime committed 15 years back but justice has been done and we praise our salute the judiciary system of our country for doing justice well deserved.

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