How To Manage Conflict Between Wife and Mother

How To Manage Conflict Between Wife and Mother: –

Balancing is the keyword when it comes to a relationship between wife and mother.
These are delicate relations that a man is stuck into at some point in life.
The man has to learn how to manage conflict between wife and mother.
How to manage conflict between wife and mother
The sooner he does this the better is his position in the house. The former is the new addition in the house whereas the former holds a distinct and solid position in the house. The wife also needs unconditional support of her partner and also her mother-in-law to raise her family and to adjust comfortably in the new house

Equal support and respect for the mother

The mother is the reason for man’s existence in this world. As she is the one who s responsible for the birth of the child, she raises him to become independent and to face this brutal and harsh world.
She was the one who took care of him in his hour need whether it was an illness or the stress before exams, she was the one who took care of her physical as well as financial needs.
How to manage conflict between wife and mother
So when you get married you should learn how to manage conflict between wife and mother as your mother will get jealous when you shower that extra love on your wife and she might get jealous and that actually is the root cause of a strained relationship.

Wife friend and a partner for life

Marriage is the most crucial and exciting phase in a man’s life. But the basis for a steady and solid married life is attained by the man when he learns how to manage conflict between wife and mother. The wife leaves her family and her maternal house to start a new family and adjust to her new home and family members.
How to manage conflict between wife and mother
She has to make a lot of adjustments from her side for that she needs the support of her hubby and also her newly extended family. She is under close observation 24×7 and one mistake will ruin her relationship with the concerned family member. Therefore it is the duty of the husband to be a constant pillar of support for her in order to build her relationships with all the families’ members.

Create a healthy environment for both the ladies

Get to know your partner well enough before marriages this will help you to how to manage conflict between wife and mother. Explain her importance of both the wife as well as the mother in his life without offending either of them.
Give her a brief description of the likes, tastes, and nature of each of the family member’s one at a time.
Finally when the fiancée or husband has introduced all the family members to her give her assurance that she will be loved by all and within time will happily accept them as her own family.
How to manage conflict between wife and mother
On the other hand, the mother needs to be handled more delicately because here the emotions are involved and there is a lot of expectation from the mother’s side.
The mother raises her child in the hope that one day he will grow up and take care of her financially as well physically. But with the entrance of a new additional member who also happens to be a female, there are bound to be jealousy and possessiveness amongst the two.
Here you have to be extra careful take your mom into confidence, assure her that no matter what her position and respect will never change. To maintain a balance between the two most important females in your life we have the following suggestions:

  1. Never praise the culinary skills of your wife in front of your mother and vice versa. If you wish to praise your wife’s cooking skills do it in the privacy of your bedroom or take her out for a long walk then praise her cooking. If your mom wishes to do the cooking herself let her do I don’t stop her.
  2. If you want to buy flowers for your wife then buy two bouquets one for your wife and the other for your mother. First offer flowers to mom then to your wife this will reduce some amount of friction between the two.
  3. Take your mom for dinner once a while makes her feel special by ordering her favorite dishes or take her out for shopping and buy her clothes of her choice. You can do the same with your wife too. These small gestures make you spend some quality time with each of them.
  4. Never lose your temper in the presence of either of them and never badmouth anything against them as it will lead to more confusion and rivalry. The art to excel how to manage conflict between wife and mother is by saying “I Love You” to each of these magical words will definitely do the trick.
  5. When both the ladies are arguing about something never interfere let them handle it alone your stepping in this argument will make matters worse.
  6. If your wife wishes to continue with her job after marriage makes matters easier for your mother by telling your wife to arrange for a house help so that the burden of managing the entire household doesn’t fall on her shoulders.
  7. Push your mom to socialize to go out with friends that will make her happy and stress-free at the same time. On the other hand, let your wife have her fun time with friends without you this will give you both space and time which is the basis for a long and healthy relationship.

The final decision rests with ladies of the house

The most common complaints or doubts a mother may have are about her grandchildren. The mother-in-law starts pressurizing the newly wedded wife to start a family as soon as possible.
Don’t let this happen let it a mutual decision amongst you and your wife as to when to start a new family. It is a well-known fact that the newly born baby is basically a strong bond in the family it will the family stronger and united.
So don’t rush into thing give these delicate relationships time and space and I promise you will learn how to manage conflict between wife and mother without hurting either of them.

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