Comic Book Themed Movies of 2016

Since childhood we have been fascinated by the comic and cartoon that we read and watched on television. The characters of the comics were larger than life who were very sharp and powerful. Each cartoon character had their individual powers and was recognized with the help of the outfit worn by the superheroes. How about watching these superheroes on a large screen with Dolby sound effect .Well the answer is right here. The Warner brothers are releasing 12 most awaited Holly wood movies this year. Let us share some information about the story line and the star cast of the superhero movies of 2016.
A marvel comic production American super has amazing accelerated powers, healing powers and a dark sense of humour good enough to scratch your funny bones. The film follows Wade Wilson who on learning that he has cancer is subjected to experiments and in the course of the treatment gains some unusual powers but disfigures his skin completely and an unstable mind. He then goes on a hunt to trace the person who destroyed his life. Reynolds body hugging suit with black leather is very real and appealing and the direction of Tim miller is a treat to watch.
Zack Snyder’s movie as the name suggests is a clash between the two superheroes the batman and superman. However the reason for the fight is not clear we speculate that while some think superman as a hero there are other who find him a controversial figure. Batman comes to confront superman in order to save his gothic city as he sees him as threat after loosing the battle with General Zod. Ben Affleck has been roped in to play Batman while Henry Cavill after his success in Man of steel will return as superman. The movies are on a grand scale and the Batman and superman costume remain the same the way we identify them.
Civil war finds steve rogers leading his team of avengers to fight the crime against humanity .But in the course of another fight incur collateral damage and hence is notified to install a system of accountability to be headed by government body to supervise and head the team. While this proposition is acceptable to many there are some who are against it. The team is split into two where one team led by Steve Rogers want to work independently and the other team headed by Tony Stark
support the government involvement and accountability.
A 20 Century Fox presentation shows Apocolypse the first and foremost mutant  from marvel after awakening after a thousand of years finds the world disillusioned and forma a team of powerful mutants and a disheartened Magento  to destroy the world and create a new world which he will reign. So in order to save the earth from massive destruction Raven along with Professor X with his team of X-men stop Apocolypse from destroying the earth from massive destruction.
The ninja turtles were very popular amongst the fids because of the kicks and punches and kung fu fighting. The characters are humorous and they put up a brave fight with their opponents or enemies .The plot starts when the turtles come in conflict with Dr Baxton Stockman to create mutants of their own. He wants to destroy New York with the help of these new mutant .It is fight between the old and new and the purpose is to save New York from this threat.

Because of the hype created by the life sized super heroes the above mentioned movies are the most awaited and popular movies of 2016.

Kuldeep Sinha

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