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Death itself is a mystery.
No one can predict the day of death it can occur anytime and at any age.
Age has got nothing to do with death.
It is the end of the journey for the body not for the soul.
Gasp! enough of spiritual talks actually we are gathered here to take a look at the past bollywood’s tragic death of noted filmmakers, ravishing actresses who were once considered as star icons of their time.
Some noted personalities who seemed genius at their work but had to take this harsh decision to end their life let us pay our condolences to these beautifully spirited people and try to seek explanations to take up this harsh decision.
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The first on our list noted filmmaker, producer, and a genius, well read and articulate Mr. Guru Dutt who had everything going positive in his life. Being married to Geeta Dutt a noted Bollywood singer from an illustrious family he had a perfect life when she married Guru Dutt she was already an established singer.
There’s was a love story and a fairy tale romance blessed with three beautiful kids.
But life took a drastic turn after the entry of Waheeda in his life.
Guru Dutt had fallen for Waheeda and tried all ways to woo but Waheeda disclosed that she considered him as a great actor and director and nothing more. Till then his marriage had fallen apart with Geeta Dutt leaving his house and shifting to her maternal home.
On a fateful night, He had been drinking a lot with the bottle of sleeping pills recovered by his bedside.
Maybe he was too stressed out with work, the debacle of Karaoke Phool, the separation from his wife and sons, rejection from Waheeda side were too much for him to consume. His death is still a mystery till today.

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The death of a sultry siren and the only actress who had a flair for comedy Stunning and ravishing Praveen boby had died mysteriously alone in her flat. After a string of failed relationship and her obsession for Amitabh made her unstable and she was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.
After being in the spotlight for so many years she has mentioned once that all the men had used her and then ditched her for success. If seems that loneliness is a silent killer that that is what seems to happen to our lovely Parveen. Don’t you guys think she deserved better that what life gave her?
The tabloid was full of news of Meena kumari’s sudden death rumor. The reason why Bollywood is called the big bad world is the fact that an upcoming child artist and the most popular star of her time had to die so young.

It says that if you associate with the wrong person the results would be disastrous.
Meena married Kamal Amrohi as she was drawn towards his poetry but he never was a good husband to her. She had a lot of men who she loved but all used her to step the ladder of success.
Meena was exploited by her own family and pushed her to acting in movies.
There came a time in her life when she wanted to settle down and raise children but her alcoholic ways drove her to a disastrous death. She lied a lonely death in this mad bad world of Bollywood.
Another mysterious death was that was of an upcoming and popular star that rose to fame at very tender age was of beautiful Divya Bharti. The cause of her death was an accidental fall from the fourth floor of her Tulsi apartment while she was having booze and partying with her designer friend at her pace.
It was revealed by her maid who was still talking to her at that moment. She had injured her foot and she was seated on the window facing the interior of her flat ad suddenly the unfortunate incident occurred.
Till date there is a deep mystery around the accidental fall, some blame her producer husband of his underworld links while some blame it on her unplanned pregnancy while the last and most obvious reason being the spell of booze.
It was very saddening to hear about the death of such talented and famous director or actresses to have died so early. Had they lived longer they could have achieved a lot in terms of name and fame.

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