Bipasha and karan’s honeymoon |

Bipasha and karan’s honeymoon:
So the tradition and customs have finally come to an end. All’s well that ends well. Karan is finally lucky to have Bipasha as her lifelong companion. Bipasha might have broken many hearts on her way to marriage to Karan but she sure is looking happy and content after her painful separation from John. The sexy siren and the handsome hunk of the small screen have finally made it public.
They are off to their official honeymoon Guys! Can you believe and what more they have chosen the most exotic location called the Maldives who has the most amazing beaches and the picturesque locations to boast of. She has the liberty of fulfilling her most ambitious desires and a prolonged vacation which she needed the most after a very busy professional career and no personal life whatsoever. Karan on the other hand who is used to female adulation is for the third enjoying his honeymoon.
Bipasha and karan’s honeymoon 
There was a rumour earlier this week that Bipasha is reportedly upset on the honeymoon. The tabloids and the reporters declared that it was due to the public comments on her Instagram pics where the management had taken the pain in decorating their visitor’s room with towel arts. People had been passing lewd comments on the couple marital status. Not to forget KRK’s very controversial comment that Karan is the most secular person in India as his first marriage was to a Sikh and the second marriage was to a Christian and recently he has married into the bongs community. It was speculated that the marriage would not last long considering his track record of previous two marriages.
The recent picture posted on the Instagram is a sight worth watching unless and until you are and ignorant of the world of glamour and tinsel town. You must know that in the current scenario with marriages breaking up all around this couple seem inseparable. Maybe there are some professional motives or it is just lust or physical proximity between the two. The super hot images on the net show beautiful toned and tanned bodies that have created a storm in the Maldives.
They are the talk of the town and nobody can keep their eyes off them as they seem too much in love ignorant of their surroundings. They call themselves as travelling hippies. (Note that hippie was a negative term used for carefree individuals who were banned from the general society due to unethical lifestyle)We surely do intend to use this term on this sensual couple.God bless them a long and healthy life ahead.
The couple are no mood to end their honeymoon the couple who were to return this week have plans to extend their honeymoon and are heading straight to the US. And why not they are in their golden period and everybody is envying on their happiness. More so Karan’s tweet on his wife’s bikini pictures tweeted that my wife looks like a goddess! Ahem! She surely does the pictures look as the pictures just out of the Kingfisher calendar with the display of the best body in the business. He mentioned that” he got lucky or what”, Yeah! man thrice lucky. They have been throwing parties and dinners from the day they got hitched.
Well! Everything is going just perfect as planned between the two couples. Check out the tanned bodies and the list of a picture of Bipasha in her bold and exotic beachwear and Karan in the best-toned body and masculine looks has swept Bipasha off her feet. She is literally on cloud nine and doesn’t seem to get over with the hangover that is Karan. Nevertheless, they have set a perfect example for the couples who are in love and are planning to settle down. Marriage is not as scary as it seems you can actually enjoy it and is better to enjoy with a partner rather than enjoy singly. So all those who plan to settle do it the right way do it the Bipasha Karan way.

Kuldeep Sinha

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