Break Up: How to manage relationship after breakup | Broken Heart

Break Up: How to manage relationship after breakup | Broken Heart:


  • Overview
  • Try to figure out the root cause
  • Introspect
  • Be cheerful and calm
  • Try to hang out with friends
  • Be involved and busy
  • Be self-motivated and stop being g guilty
  • Find love
  • Give back
  • Obsession diet
  • Exercise
  • Move on

Getting over something which has been with you for a long time is a tough job. Someone who was a major part of your daily life becomes just a memory which seems to fill your heart with hatred and may be sadness. It’s difficult. So here are few ways to make you feel relieved and manage your relationship after a breakup:

It is not easy to move a relationship so figure out the cause of the distance between you, try to find ways to get over these causes by talking with your partner. Be calm while talking and sort out ways to get over these problems.

  • Introspect:

    Relationships never end because of the mistake of any one of the partners, it’s always the mistake of two of you, so introspect a bit and figure out where you have been wrong, and try to rectify your mistakes if possible. Do not only think about problems from your point of view, try to understand the viewpoint of your partner.

 How to manage relationship after breakup

  • Be cheerful and calm:

    You must be calm and cheerful at this point of time because being restless will worsened the situation, it may lead to serious depression, anxiety, and health hazards. It’s true that you feel a bit incomplete for few days but in the end, you must believe that it’s over.


  • Hang out with friends:

    Yes, boyfriends/ girlfriends are a crucial part of your life and nothing can replace them but remember the times when they were not there even before you met him/her even at that time you were happy and chilled. So, plan weekends, parties and shopping with your friends to stay cheerful and help yourself stay healthy, calm and relaxed.

  • Be involved and busy:

    After your breakup, practically you have more time, so utilize it to seek your career goals. Sort out your ambitions and work hard to keep yourself busy. The more your mind is empty and free, more you will have the nightmares of your broken relationship. The memories of your relationship will always haunt you. So, work hard to stay away from that heavy heart and sad memories which seem to fill you with depression and anxiety.


  • Stop blaming yourself:

    Maybe it was your mistake but relationship matters to both of you, and somewhere or the other both are equally responsible for whatever has happened so stop blaming yourself regularly and be the way you were and try to improve yourself and modify your future goals and prepare yourself for coming problems and deal with them in confidence.


  • Recreate yourself:

    Now, you know what have been your faults so try to recreate yourself and involve yourself in more creative works to bring out the better one in you.


  • Find love:

    Maybe the cause of your broken relationship has been your extra practical and material approach so gets over these and try to find out true love which can make you happy, maybe what you have ended now was not actually what you have been searching or what you deserve.

 How to manage relationship after breakup

  • Give back:

    To move over any kind of stress giving back is the best option. Enjoy the joy of giving and help those who need you. Post parting pain can be healed with the smile of those whom you help.


  • Obsession diet:

    It’s difficult to get over someone so easily and as a result, you end up talking about him or her for the entire day in some or the other way, may be at places where you have been with him/her haunt you. It’s not abnormal and you need to get over it and there is a way, obsession diet. In a day decide a slot or hour when you just talk everything about him/her but that stop bringing him/her in your conversation. Keep on reducing time daily you give to your obsession diet, and one day will come when you’ll not need it.


  • Exercise:

    It is one of the best activities to help you bring out all your obsession and anxiety out. Just exercise daily and bring out all your frustration and relieve your senses and mind. It could be running, jumping, crunches, walk, or anything which you can daily opt as an exercise routine.


  • Move on:

    Now after the split, you are the priority for yourself so choose yourself over someone who has left. Give yourself a break, go on a holiday relax your mind achieve calmness and relaxation. Move over the broken relationship debris and search out note ways to stay happy and make your days’ worth living.

With all these things in mind just be the way you are and stay calm, cool and happy because life is one and it cannot be wasted over a broken relationship so pull yourself out and cherish the colors of life.
Life is not about finding yourself, rather it is about creating yourself.

Hope these help you in finding How to manage relationship after a breakup.

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