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The Aura of bollywood actors is such that people idolize them and look up to them.  Their life is an open book for all no room for privacy as the paparazzi are always chasing just to get a glimpse of their favorite hero or heroine. They are scandalized and are under scrutiny 24×7.

In southern India the actors are worshiped yes I know it sounds weird but the fact is that they are literally treated as gods and there are several temples build under their names. 
People want to shake hands with them, feel them and also touch their feet.
Here in Bollywood, the fans don’t go so far but they do hero worship them.
Therefore when a celebrity dies there is a lot of speculation and hype created by the social media circle. 
The entire funeral is covered and shown to the general public either on the YouTube channel or the entertainment section of any news channel.
Recently boll wood witnessed the death of two celebrities one was a superstar Vinod Khanna and the other a very popular supporting actor Reema Lagoo.
Let us get the details of their sudden and untimely demise.

Life and Death of Vinod Khanna a megastar and a politician

Vinod Khanna has lived his life on his own terms.
Born to an affluent family his father wanted him to take over the family business but Vinod had other dreams.
He was interested in theater and wanted to act.
Acting as a profession was always looked down upon in those days but Vinod had already made up his mind.
He came to Mumbai and soon was spotted by Mr. Sunil Dutt for a negative role which Vinod readily accepted and that was a turning point in his life.
After that, he started climbing the stairs of success from a villain he became a hero and started acting in lead roles. He then married a successful model and produced two kids named Rahul and Akshay Khanna.
But Vinod’s mind was whimsical he was fascinated by Osho and his teaching so much so that he decided to quit acting and stay at the ashram.
He was at the peak of his career when he quit acting and that was also a setback and a big blow to his career.

Second innings moderate and Political Career

 Vinod always had a wavering mind he soon became bored of the ashram and again returned to Bollywood and acting.
But this innings was not so successful as the earlier one and he also suffered a big blow in his personal life as well and a result his wife divorced him and took away the kids with her that left Vinod alone and helpless.
But his second innings made him a political figure and earned him respect and fame.
He married again this time it was a girl half his age and two kids out of the wedlock.

News of death came as a rude shock to his fans

Mr. Amitabh Bachan has mentioned about his college ill heath on the twitter along with a photo.
The photo showed a very weak Vinod in the hospital barely able to stand .
But people thought it was a false alarm but the news was correct.
Vinod was actually suffering from cancer and was undergoing treatment for the same.
He did manage to fight cancer but later succumbed to it.
People were shocked for two to three days the news of his death was flashed on almost all news channels.
The YouTube showed the entire funeral procession and finally, people had to accept the fact that their favorites star was no more.

Rema Lagoo the Most Adorable Mother of All Times

Reema lagoo was another actor whose death was and is still a mystery it is said that she died of cardiac arrest.
There was news that Reema was perfectly fine during shooting. She was playing a negative character in a Television serial. In the night she
She was playing a negative character in a Television serial. In the night she
In the night she complains of chest pain and was immediately rushed to a reputed hospital by her son in law. At around 2 she left for the heavenly
At around 2 she left for the heavenly abode.
Reema lagoo’s death was a great shock for the industry as she seemed to be okay during the day at night she was no more.
Her post mortem report revealed she had a cardiac arrest but what led to her heart attack still remained a mystery.

Life Itself a Mystery

This is the not the first time this has happened in Bollywood noted producers directors namely g Gurudutt, Manmohan Desai, Divya Bharti, jiah khan’s death is still an unsolved death.
Pop icon Michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney Houston also died in mysterious circumstance.
The question that arises here is that even though they are not ordinary people they are celebrities they have the best dieticians, doctors and required finance to treat illnesses yet they are left to die alone?.
We conclude by saying that death is inevitable the sooner you accept this fact is better for you to live a worry free and a carefree life.

Kuldeep Sinha

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