A Love Affair Gone Sour – "Kangana Ranaut–Hrithik Roshan Controversy"

Infatuations, love, betrayal and defeat are the final outcome of a relationship that has gone kaput. There is nothing ugly than washing your dirty lining in public. It is really pathetic to see a beautiful relationship goes sour. It happens due to the fact that one doesn’t like to register in their mind that the love , the admiration is gone .Then starts the mudslinging game where the person who has lost it or was more deeply involved starts blaming the other person in a relationship. As there is no commitment no vows taken between the couple the relationship so there was no commitment from the either side. So there is no question of commitment and infidelity from either of them.
Hrithik hails from a filmy background and has his roots firmly in the ground .he was the son of an established director and therefore has everything n the silver plate and to top it was married to the most beautiful designer and daughter of an yet another illustrious family of Mr. Firoze Khan. On the other hand kangana who comes from a distant town ahead of Himachal struggled her way to the top with sheer hard work and dedication to make it big it the big bad world of bolly wood. Considering the fact that she had stepped on many heart be it married men or young upcoming actors. Before this spat Hrithik has a very clean reputation a caring husband a doting dad to young fine well bought up kids but suddenly everything was turned upside down the heartbreaking divorce of hritik and Suzanne Roshan now Khan. Everything knew about the vivacious, dedicated and loving wife who was present with hritik in his hard and trying times suddenly leaves him there has to be a solid reason to it  ?as Suzanne never disclosed the real reason for the split but I am sure everybody  knows the reason behind this ?
There is no fire without a spark there was definitely something brewing between the two on the outdoor shoot of Krish 3. Also when there is close proximity between two attractive co stars there is bound to some sparks flying and some heart beat faster than usual. But it died a natural death with the completion of the film. Kangana who is known be a loner a dreamer and also somebody who suffers from the Asperser’s syndrome could never let Hrithik go out of her mind Kangana who is very active on the social media stated in one of her tweets that her moving exclusion from the movie Ashuiqui was because it was hritik who was the real reason behind her opting out from the project. She mentioned Hrithik name with my silly ex …which we assume that it was due to her mental disorder that she assumes that it was Hrithik who was possessive about her work assignments too.
This started a legal battle between the two where Hrithik claims to be innocent and not involved in the exchange of emails where there are an intimate conversations and confessions between the two. It is a well known fact that the two had met at a party where kangana thanked Hrithik for appreciating her performance on which hritik had made it clear that he has not yet watched the movie so there is no question of appreciation .this made it clear that there was a hacker involve who was negotiating with kangana using Hrithik’s E mail d. Then started the ugly court battle between the two where each claims the other of deceit and lies.
Though it may take a while to settle the case the industry has woken up to support the case where everybody wants the case to be dismissed at the earliest. Though everything said and done there are some questions hat still need to be answered like the reason Suzzane left Hrithik? Have the two celebrities never been romantically involved?  Is kangana always imagining things who otherwise seem very normal? What will be the outcome of the fight? Hrithik’s laptop and id has been examined and been given a clean chit while kangana’s personnel Laptops or IDs still needs to be examined. The real truth is yet to be reveled till then keep guessing!

Kuldeep Sinha

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