7 Light & Appetizing Ideas for Evening Snacks Recipe

“When the setting of dusk calls for a relish of the tongue when the clock of working hours ceases and calls for some hot-and-sweet appetizer, you need not to worry. Neither should you depend on the packaged market food? Here are some hot ideas for snacks which you can cook in your home’s kitchen in no time.”


The evening is that time of the day when our tongues are programmed to crave for food, something light and tasty. The tummy gurgles and the nose pauses at the aroma coming out of eateries, roadside stalls and homes’ kitchens. And it is not always a good idea to dive into fried samosa-chutney or to dip into the full-fledged plate of oily chole bhature. Therefore, combing through dozens and dozens of recipes, we have selected a list of foods which are savoury in taste but don’t add extras to your belly. So, herein read below and get set cook!

1.  Chinese Idli Evening Snacks Recipe

This is a great idea if you have some leftover idlis kept in your fridge. A variation of the original South Indian Idli-Sambhar dish, Chinese idli is easy to make and appetizing with taste. To cook it, first fine cut idlis into small pieces. Also, keep a supply of chopped vegetables ready. These include onions, tomatoes, green chillies, capsicum, garlic funnels and maybe even carrots. Next, put two to three tablespoons of oil in a pan and sauté these vegetables till crisp. Add salt, black pepper, soya sauce, chilli sauce, vinegar and tomato sauce. Again toss the vegetables to mix the sausages. Now add the idli pieces, turn the heat off and mix the contents well. Serve hot along with a bowl of tomato soup for an appetizing meal!

2.  Indian Style Bread Pizza Pockets evening snacks


Why spend huge amounts from your pockets when you have these super delicious bread pizza pockets. For your tiny hunger pangs, these chunky squashy pockets are enough. To make a serving of bread pizza, take three to four slices of brown bread. Spread some tomato sauce over it followed by chopped onions, green chillies, capsicum and corns. Now powder some grated cheese, black pepper, oregano, red chilli pepper and table salt over it. Put the slices in the baking tray. Bake till golden brown and enjoy with hot and sweet tomato sauce!

3.  Bhelpuri

No wonders, this amuse-gueule of India is perfect for a teatime snack. To make the dish, take a large bowl. Put two handfuls of sev in the bowl. You can also add the bhujia namkeen as available in the market. Next, add some crispy papdis, a palmful of pomegranate seeds, roasted peanuts, chopped onions, green chillies and tomatoes. Now comes the time for spices. According to your taste buds, you can add salt, green chilli powder and chaat masala. Top it off with mint chutney. If you have imli sauce or saunth, well and good. Add that too. Lastly, mix well the contents till they form a heterogeneous mixture and then, serve. If you are making bhelpuri for a get-together or evening party, it’s a great idea to serve it in some sort of copper utensils for example, little copper handis. That’d give off a vintage look that your guests will love!

4.  Potato Masala Sandwiches

Mash some boiled potatoes in a bowl; add some chopped onions, a spoonful of chopped green chillies followed by salt, red chilli powder and cumin seed powder. Squash the potato paste to mix the spices properly. Now take two slices of brown bread. Stuff this potato mix between the two slices tightly. Brush them with a drop of oil on both sides. Now, bake this sandwich in your oven or simply roast it slightly on your stove tava. Cut the sandwich into four triangular pieces and serve with mint chutney or tomato sauce.

5.  Peanut Butter Toast


Want to satisfy your stomach without adding layers to your tummy? Well, this one is the perfect option for you. Slightly roast two slices of brown bread or garlic bread. Spread some peanut butter over them with the help of a spoon or knife. To make it even more appetizing, you can add a filling of fruits and nuts. In fruits, apples, strawberries, bananas, plums are great. As for the nuts, a scoop of crushed walnuts, cashews or almonds are good to go. For added taste, you can add chocolate powder or dark chocolate cubes.

6.  Paneer Rolls


One of the easiest paneer recipes and a quick evening starter before dinner! To make a paneer roll, crush some paneer in a bowl. Now add some onion rings, tomato slices, capsicum bits, and chopped green chillies in it. Add some table salt, red chilli powder and black pepper. Mix well. Now take some chapattis or bread slices. Add a scoop of the paneer stuffing on one side of the bread and start rolling it. Paste the ends with a drop of oil or with a slight brushing of moisture followed by a coating of corn flour. Bake the rolls in an oven or shallow fry in a pan. Serve crisp with tomato sauce.

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7.  Corn Chaat


An ideal meal for kids when they return from play or evening tuitions! Boil some corns and let the water drain through a sieve. Meanwhile, take a bowl and add to it melted butter, oregano, salt, red chilli pepper and black pepper. Put the drained corns in the bowl and mix the contents well. Garnish with coriander leaves before serving. If you would like to have more flavour, you can add chopped cucumbers, turnips, onions and tomatoes followed by a dip in mint chutney or red chilli salsa sauce.


Well, we’re sensing a subtle tangy aroma wisping from your kitchen this evening. Isn’t it?

Kuldeep Sinha

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