5 Enchanting Ideas for Your Home Library

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”                                                                        George R.R. Martin
A library in a home is a sign of a person who is highly intelligent and an avid reader.
The home library signifies the love for books by a thorough gentleman.
The person who has a library provides an insight to his great memory and collection of books he possesses.
If you are also planning to get a home library you should first of all start collecting books of different genres according to your interest.
The books can be from poetry to fiction and scientific books to encyclopedias and biographies.
5 Enchanting Ideas for Your Home Library
There could be various periodicals and journals which can be added to your library to give a fascinating feel to the home library.
You can also add a book of noted writers who have made a great name in the history of writing.
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In this way, you can add beauty to your home library.
The home library could be of multiple shelves or criss cross shelf whichever suits your design.
You can give a great look to the library by adding a chandelier by indianshelf on the library ceiling giving a great contemporary look.
You can add these 5 enchanting ideas to your home library by following these simple tips:

You can go for a traditional library by adding a great library made out of mahogany or teak wood and in the form of two storey traditional library where spiral staircase is added to give a glory to the library.
The library will look enchanting and you might add as many books to the library as you want.
In this way, your library will look perfect and it will also give the visitors a great feel who can enjoy the books from the great collection which you have made.
It will stamp your authority by the choices of books which you will make to adorn your library.
You can reach easily to the upper shelves of the library and do not need a staircase to reach the books in the library.
In this way, you can give a great look to the library and enjoy the book reading.
Remember that library should not be a secluded spot in your home but it should give a distinctive feel by becoming the center of attraction.
The library should be well light up and there should be a reading light as well as a sofa or let’s say a chair where you can enjoy the classic novel or science fiction stories.

  • Bespoke shelving giving elegant look-

You can go for a curve style library with bespoke shelving.
It will add beauty to your home library and give a great style to the great books which you have possessed from a long time.
In this way, you can give a style statement to your library.
5 Enchanting Ideas for Your Home Library
Remember that the book shelves should be cleaned from time to time and also disinfectant should be spread so that your elegant collection should not catch worms.
The book should not be kept in a scattered manner and a library ladder should be always kept to reach the books on the higher shelf.
In this manner, you can add beauty to your library and reach the much-needed book without facing any problem.
Thus a library ladder is equally as important as your book shelf in the library.
As we talked about the bespoke shelving it will add dimensions to your library giving it a great feel.
In this way, you can give a great feel to your library and the visitors who will visit your home will appreciate the beauty of the home library where the books are kept in a well maintained and efficient manner.

  • Open bookshelves adding other dimensions-

The book shelves in the library can be an open one where you can give an easy look to the books you want and easily handpick one for reading.
The open book case is also easy to maintain and can be kept neat and clean as it makes way for dusting.
You will be able to have a great look at the books and an avid reader in you will always feel good about it.
This open book shelves does not even need too much of light as simple light bulbs will be enough to light up the entire library and is easy to maintain.

  • A fireplace beside the library-

You can make way for a fireplace beside the library which will give a romantic look and feel to your library.
It also gives a decent look to the library thus giving you enough opportunity to read and write along the crackling sound of fire during the long winters.
5 Enchanting Ideas for Your Home Library
In this way, the beauty of the library will be maintained and it will give an elegant look to your library. In this way, you can feel like reading in your library.
The fireplace will also add beauty to the library and nothing can beat the nostalgic feel of a fire in a fireplace.
Today’s generation room heaters cannot match the beauty of a fire in a fireplace.

  • Vertical library giving a classic library design-

Right from the leaf was taken out of a Mills and Boons classical romance book you can go for a vertical library which will add beauty to your home.
Since, in the modern libraries, modern styling is being adopted so you can go for a traditional home library feeling by making a vertical feel to your home library.
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In this manner, you can add as many books which are above the level and can be reached easily by giving a great look to the library.
Once you have a well-maintained library you should keep in mind that there should be peace in the library as the well-maintained library is complimented by the silence which is spread in and out of the library.
Once you make a well-maintained library you will feel proud about it.

Kuldeep Sinha

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