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Everybody experiences hair fall at least once in life. But I tell you it is the scariest thing that can happen to you.
Hair is regarded as a women’s crowning glory and for me, it is the ultimate grooming essential.
You lose your sleep and appetite over hair fall. It can be caused due to many reasons it could be psychological or physical.
Stress and hormonal imbalances are the major causes of thinning of hair.
Also, use of certain harsh chemical further aggravates the problem. But do not loose hear I have some useful remedies that will arrest hair fall within two weeks.

Natural and Safe Coconut Oil Massage

Mon was not wrong when she said to apply oil before every shampoo and to give a hot towel treatment to make it soft easy to manage and prevent hair fall.
As the primary reason for hair fall is lack of nutrition, lustre and strength and this can be solved by regular use of coconut oil massage or “campi”

Regular use of Amla

Amla has great rejuvenating properties it not only helps to control hair fall but it also prevents the hair from premature greying.
You can also consume amla it comes in powdered form and be consumed with water on an empty stomach or after dinner.
To use it on hair soak the powdered Amla in an iron vessel overnight and apply it to shampooed hair as a final rinse and then washed off with plain water.
Another way of applying amla to hair is to mix it with henna and used as a paste and applied to hair and then washed after an hour.

Methi Seed an Age Old Formula for Hair Loss

Fenugreek seeds or methi seeds are grandmother’s recipe for hair fall or thinning of hair.
Consuming methi boosts up the metabolism and not only makes you healthy and strong but also gives strength to hair. Fenugreek seed is easily available on the kitchen counter and available in all departmental stores.
It also the cheapest solution to arrest hair falls. Soak the methi seed in water overnight and next day make a paste to apply it on the roots of the hair.
The paste removes dandruff and also helps in re growth and you see the difference in a week’s time.
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Curry Leaves a South Indian Treatment for Hair Fall

Ever wondered why south Indian ladies have long and lustrous hair.
They also have jet black hair and the sole reason is that they use a lot of curry leaves in their food. If you do not relish the taste of curry leaves then apply it locally. 
You can boil 20 to 25 curry leaves and when the water to 1/4th let it cool at room temperature and then apply to scalp just half an hour before washing your hair. Do this twice a week and see a remarkable difference.

Basic Hair Grooming Tips and Suggestions

  • Brush your hair in 100 strokes before going to bed this increases circulations and removes dead scales and lets the hair breathe at night.
  • never ever brush wet hair let it dry completely before using a comb on hair. And mind it your hair doesn’t like the rain though you may love the rains. Was the hair with plain water they get wet in the rain to avoid smelly looking and dull looking hair.
  • Good Diet, Plenty of exercises and an active lifestyle makes you feel energised and keep the skin and hair looking fresh and radiant.
  • Limit the use of gels, hair mousse, sprays and other harsh shampoos to style or manage hair. Opt for herbal options instead.
  • Wash your hair when dirty never overdo it.

Hair fall might be a serious problem but if you follow the above tips, and you will never have to worry about hair loss again!

Kuldeep Sinha

कुलदीप सिन्हा एक हिंदी ब्लॉगर हैं ये अपनी नॉलेज सभी के साथ शेयर करतें हैं और फुंकूल इंडिया पर भी ये इनफार्मेशन डालतें हैं। इनका मोटिव लोगो को नयी नयी जानकारी से अवगत करना हैं ताकि लोगों की जानकारी बड़े और लोग जागरूक बने।