10 Important Reasons you should be Using A copper Water Bottle

IF we talk about the looks then we can say that copper water bottle has an attractive look so, the copper bottle is not just only a beautiful object, but there are numerous copper water bottle benefits. I think many people are not aware of this so let me tell you that the water stays in the copper utensil is known Tamra jal.

This water is an Ayurvedic medicine which has amazing benefits for your life. So, we can say that copper utensil has the perfect balance of looks and health benefits.  If you gift someone these copper utensils and also tell them the benefits of water stored in copper utensils, then that person also feels good. So, in this article, I will tell you the top 10 important reasons that you should use a copper water bottle in your life. So, let’s start this with number one.



1)    Copper Water Bottle Helps you in building up the strong immune system

We all knew that copper metal has the properties of completely being anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial metal. And with these properties copper is very effective to deal with S.aureus and E.coli. These two bacteria are very active in the environment and may also cause severe diseases. So, as per the study says that if you use copper utensils for drinking water or if you have copper water bottle benefits then you can build up a strong immune system.

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2)    Copper Water Bottle Helps you in losing weight

The most problem our present generation is facing now is obesity because we depend on the fast food which causes obesity in our body and makes us fat. But if you do not want to exercise and still dream to lose weight then start drinking water in copper utensils. Copper can break down your body into parts and then eliminate it through the body so, with copper water bottle benefits you can also lose your weight.

3)    Copper Water Bottle Helps you in preventing ageing


To build up the strong immune system and losing weight, copper is perfect for your glowing skin. If you drink water which was stored in a copper utensil, then the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are being reduced. The water which was stored in copper utensil has full of antioxidants, and these antioxidants are very helpful in producing new body cells. So, to make your skin look younger and attractive then start drinking water in copper utensils.

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4)    Copper Water Bottle Helps in improving and maintaining a good digestive system

The best way to detox your kidney, liver and other stomach tract is the start of drinking water in copper utensils or use copper water bottle benefits. If you drink water in a copper utensil in the night, then copper helps in the increment of nutrient absorption from the food. And this absorption is beneficial; it relaxes the stomach and helps in faster food digestion.

5)    Copper Water Bottle Helps in maintaining good cardiovascular health

As I told you that copper has numerous health benefits and the one most important health benefits of the copper is that it is outstanding in regulating blood pressure and also lowers down the cholesterol level of the body. The water stored in copper utensils reduces the build of plaque in the human arteries and also dilate the blood vessel so that blood can flow easily. So, copper water bottle benefits are good for your heart as well.

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6)    Copper Water Bottle Helps in reducing the cancer risk

As I told you that if you store water in a copper utensil then it is full of antioxidants and these antioxidants are very helpful in fighting with cancer. American cancer society found some of the amazing anti-cancer effects in the copper so, it suggested to every cancer patients to use copper utensils and drink water in them.

7)    Copper Water Bottle Helpful in keeping your skin healthy

As I have already said that copper has antioxidants which are responsible for producing new cells in your body. These new cells replenish your skin and make your skin healthy and glowing.  These cells are also helpful in making your skin blemish free, smooth, glowing and clear skin. So, if your acne and scars then start drinking water in copper utensils.

Benefits of drinking copper water

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8)    Copper Water Bottle Helps in preventing and supporting thyroid glands

Copper is a metal which cannot be produced inside the body so, is someone need copper in his body it is recommended to drink water in copper utensils. Many people who are suffering from thyroid gland issue are those who have copper deficiency. Yes, if there is a copper deficiency in your body, then you may experience thyroid gland issues. So, it is highly recommended to those people who have a thyroid problem to drink water in copper utensils.

9)    Copper Water Bottle Helps in relieving joint pains

At the beginning of the article, I told you that copper has anti-inflammatory property and this property of copper is very beneficial in joint pains. Copper is useful in many joint diseases such as arthritis, inflamed joints etc. so, if you have joint pain problem then drink water in copper utensils.

10)    Copper Water Bottle Helps in stimulating your brain

If you drink water in a copper utensil for a few days, you can experience that your brain is now working faster than before. Copper is beneficial for our brain neurons, and if you drink water in copper utensils then your brain neurons work very actively, and you can easily concentrate on your work.

Above are the top 10 essential reasons that you should drink water in copper utensils. Copper is beneficial for your whole body not just for a single organ or for a single body part. So, if you are now suffering from any of the health issues which are mentioned above then start drinking water in copper utensils today make your body, mind, and skin healthy.

Question & Answer

Q1 – How Much copper water should you drink a day?


Two to three times a day is good, to begin with, however, even if you are drinking more than that, copper water is still healthy for a human body. Just make sure that the daily quantity doesn’t exceed 12 milligrams for males and 10 milligrams in case of females. This is a ratio as recommended by the World Health Organization.


Q2 – Is a Copper Water bottle Safe?


Of course, given that you are using it in intermediate quantities, not in excess, as also said by the World Health Organization. However, it’s a good idea to not store any acidic liquids in the copper bottle such as orange juice, lime juice, vodkas and beers; as the acid can leach the metal resulting in harm. If you feel that you’re facing gastrointestinal problems. nausea, muscle cramps, or vomiting after drinking copper water, you should immediately discontinue it.

Q3 – What are the effects of copper on the body?

Copper plays an essential role in human body functioning. Acting as an anti-oxidant, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial substance at the same time, copper helps in stimulation of digestion, in the absorption of iron, in the production of red blood cells & haemoglobin and in preventing various diseases related to liver, brain, abdomen, kidneys and heart.

Q4 – What are the benefits of copper water?

As mentioned in Ayurveda, the biggest benefit of Copper water is, it helps in balancing the three doshas of the body namely Vata, pitta and kapha. Plus, copper water is known to improve the overall health of the body while providing relief from various diseases including arthritis, inflammation, constipation, skin problems and premature ageing.

Q5 – Can we drink water in copper vessel daily?

Of course! Provided that your copper vessel is washed regularly, the water kept in it is absolutely safe to drink. In fact, copper water doesn’t go stale even for long periods of time. If you plan to drink it daily, you can store it in a copper vessel overnight for nearly 8 to 10 hours.

Q6 – Can we pour hot water in a copper bottle?

Sure, there’s no problem in keeping hot water in a copper bottle. However, the inverse is not true. Do not try to put boiling water or do not boil the water in a copper bottle as it might lead to reactions between copper and oxygen resulting in the formation of black copper oxide which is harmful to the body.

Q7 – Is too much copper in water bad for you?

Too much of anything or everything is bad. So is with copper. An average adult requires nearly 1.5 to 2 grams of copper per day. Exceeding this quantity or drinking excessive quantities of copper water can result in increased toxicity and inflammation in the body.

Q8 – Is Drinking water in copper tumbler good for health?

Being an oligodynamic metal, copper water surely is good for health. In addition to fighting anaemia and infections, copper battles the bacteria and microbes. Drinking water in a copper tumbler also regulates thyroid gland functioning and stimulates neurons in the brain.

Q9 – Can too much copper be harmful?

Too much copper can cause copper toxicity which is a form of metal poisoning. When exceeded in the body, a copper imbalance in the body can severely damage the liver while interfering with blood pressure and resulting in various cardiovascular diseases. Excessive use of copper over the long term can also cause psychological or neurological disorders.

Q10 – Does Brita filter remove copper?

Yes, Brita filter can remove copper along with mercury and cadmium. When water is passed through a Brita filter, a carbon cartridge in the filter entraps and removes the remains of copper from the water. However, the Brita filter doesn’t guarantee the removal of any bacteria as well as copper.

Q11 – Can we keep a copper bottle in the fridge?

Although these days there are many modern-day copper flasks and pitchers available in the market, usually it is recommended by experts that a copper vessel should not be stored in the fridge. Keeping a copper bottle in the fridge for longer periods of time can result in serious damage to its bacteria-fighting properties.

Q12 – Is it safe to drink water from copper vessel every time?

Since copper reacts with the oxygen present in air, it is imperative that a copper vessel is cleaned every day prior to filling with water. The copper oxide layers that form due to this reaction can cause toxic copper poisoning in the water.

Q13 – What happens when you have too much copper in your body?

Too much copper in the body can result in gastric problems due to increased toxicity, contamination and poisoning. For a person suffering from PTSD, too much copper in the body can make it worse making it difficult to focus for the person.

To correct the elemental percentage of copper in the body, a person can try nutrition supplements along with a balanced diet.

Q14 – Is it safe to bathe in copper water?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to bathe in the copper water. In fact, a copper bathtub is a common way of bathing in many regions. However, make sure that you keep the drinking copper water and bathing copper water in separate containers.

Q15 – Can copper cause cancer?

Various studies and researches have been conducted on this topic. Most of them have shown that even though copper doesn’t cause any cancer, it is a link in the treatment of cancer.

It is said that removing some copper cells from the body of a cancer patient can result in a decrease of cancer cells too.

Q16 – What causes copper toxicity?

Copper toxicity is primarily the result of copper overload and excess. Apart from this, it depends on the kind of water you put in a copper vessel. For instance, if your tap water gives off acidic water and you pour that water directly in a copper cup, there are strong chances that the water will be contaminated with copper poisoning.

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